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I went to the black friday event and was appauled at the way the procedure for buying certain on sale items was handled...I understand that there are limited quantities for items. I went to buy a laptop that went on sale at midnight got there at 9:00 pm no were handed out at 10:00 pm.

again no problem..But, why in the *** did we have to stand in line for two hrs in the freezer section mind you! We were not allowed to get out of line or we forfeited our ticket..I had other items to get that were also on sale and could not get them.

I believe alot of revenue was lost do to this..and by the way tickets were passed out at ten at 10:01 the laptops came out to floor!!!! How *** was that..I will never shop black friday ever again!

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Pamm, I guess you have discovered the true meaning of

The actuality is that once you post a complaint, you are going to get pissed at the attack dogs jumping down your throat.

These nuts attack you for complaining!

What a trip this site is!!!!!!!!!! :x


I doubt that any revenue was lost due to this, they sold out of everything.


This is ridiculously selfish. You weren't just happy with the laptop?

Lots of people didn't even get one doorbuster deal. You're right, supplies are limited and the sale DOES start at midnight, not 9, so just because you were there before 10 doesn't mean you should just be able to check out before midnight - that would imply that the sale started at 10. You seriously think it's fair to everyone else that you can show up at 9 and collect all the tickets you want?

Maybe you should be happier with you got what you got than what you didn't. An shining example of Black Friday greed at its finest.


You want to whine like a big baby. Get over it.

Just think of all of the people that had to miss part of Thanksgiving to come in and serve your ungrateful *ss. I'm sure Walmart won't miss your whiny *ss.


I'm here for you Pam


This isn't a blog its a public forum, don't post to a public forum if you take issue with the public responding.


Hey Tim do you have a complaint about the store? Or do you just have nothing better to do than post comments on people's blogs get a life!!!


Not a dime was lost that day nor was a single *** given. If people wanted something else they'd go back in and get it. If they didn't, someone else in line would take it and it would still sold.