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Was in line paying for groceries when a 30 something man walk up to cashier with 3 items in his hand and asks for a bag. The cashier let him put his items in a bag and he walked out of the store.

The items were clearly not paid for....the cashier said people do that all the time and Walmart doesn't care. He said people walk out with carts full of things everyday. The people at the doors are busy visiting with each other and aren't really paying attention to what is going on...it is a joke!

They must all be covering for each other.

Also, an associate was walking around smoking an electric cigarette, really, is that allowed? A bad example for the children in the store and very disrespectful to everyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First Born Triplet

For the e cigarette that is not allowed, but unless they actually see the person walk out without paying they cannot do a thing, guess they could ask for a receipt, but you would not be willing to risk your life to stop a shoplifter so why expect them to, they have families, this is only handled by trained security who can defend themselves and make the arrest safely. Besides they cannot even stop a person unless they see them steal and the greeter is there just to greet and check receipts if they don't want to show they are not obligated to show the receipt.

to First Born Triplet #878336

You do have a valid point there about not being able to shop shoplifters, what angers me the most is that about a year ago I was caught and the police were called, no charges were pressed but I was caught shoplifting in this same store. I am angry that these other people are allowed to get away with it and I was caught and the police and my parents were called.

I would not risk my life to stop shoplifters I am only 17. It is not fair that I got caught and these people are allowed to leave with carts of stuff. I was going to get a car for getting my license but because of this my parents did not get me a car.

I have to pay the price while they get away with it and it *** me off. I was also banned for a year so when my friend hung out there i had to lie and make excuses of why I could not go with them.

to Anonymous #965493

You're a ***. You do realise you're complaining about being not being allowed to break the law.

I wish you had your car, that someone stole it and got away with it. You're a spoilt brat and it's GREAT that your parents stopped rewarding you. If you're not embarrassed about what you did, why not just tell your friends that you're a criminal and that's why you can't 'hang' with them.

***. Grow up, earn some money, buy what you can afford and stop being a cry baby.


Sure thing~! Take your meds and return from LALA LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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