Jackson, Missouri

I went as usual to W-Mart/ China Central-- to buy my size 8P boot cut jeans. THERE IS A NEW WARNING, so i left.

The label in the fold of otherwise regular "Rider" jeans stated that the DYE IN THE JEANS WAS UNSTABLE. Don't trust me...open out the jean---in no other way changed----and read the little label--. IT IS SMALL....But if you wash your jeans, everything else you wash will be tainted with the colour of the jeans.

I DON'T THINK SO....I only have to re-purchase my jeans because i have a rescue dog who works out his anxiety by chewing metal...nothing but metal...so all my buttons and zippers are gone.

BUT my Xavier is getting more comfotable at "home." So where is Wal-Mart in the great scheme of things???? NO JEANS of substance---Bleed onto everything---BUT my Xamier is a happy dog.

Just sayin'... love, maureen

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that's whay you wash with LIKE colors in COLD water and dry on HOT. you then should have no bleeding of color after the first few washings.


I think you just need to buy some Summer's Eve so your dog stops eating the crotch out of your pants


I would gone ahead a purchased the jeans if they were made in the U.S. again,...jus'sayin.