I was at Walmart waiting for an hour to purchase a 32" TV at Walmart Black Friday sale. When I got to the end of the line they ran out of 32" TV's.

They gave me a card to pay for the TV at the register and and to go online at walmart.com/blackfridaycard to register to get my TV later. Problem is there website won't work after 4 hours of trying. Walmart only gave you 55 minutes to register, so what do I do now?

Have there been other customer complaints about the same problem? Pissed

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $148.

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Walmart is extending registration of the card to Monday at midnight CST.

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States #572817

Thank you! I was getting majorly frustrated and was glad to have your website come up with CORRECT directions on the correct URL to register the card!

Talk about frustration with their directions!

I was getting shook up but your website and consumer feed back gave me directions that actually worked! Thank you!

Rochester, New York, United States #572752

You have until 11:59pm. SUNDAY, November 25th to register the card. If the site is having problems it is probably overloaded so chill a bit and it should be up later.


Just go to walmart.com/blackfridaycard and register your card. I just did it and it is still active.

The pamplet that the card came in states "2. Register, You must register the Guarrnatee Card by 11:59 PM CST , Sunday, November 25, 2012, at walmart.com/blackfridaycard to officially order the item".

to reply Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States #572739

The site is actually down, crashed due to everyone trying to register at same time. Haven't been able to register mine and I've been trying since 3 am


Walmart sucks! After spending 1 1/2 hours in line for the 32 in tv, dealing with other people cutting in line, and the employees handing the tv"s to people who were not even in line I got the guarantee card.

I have been trying to register my card and can't complete the process. The store where I bought it won't answer the phone and the 800 number to call says the problem is fixed.

As far as I am concerned Walmart stole my $$ and should not be able to get away with breaking the law. If I took from them without paying I would be arrested - what makes what they have done any different?

to Marilee Rochester, New York, United States #572780

Umm, if you read the inside it states that if you don't register it by the date...Sunday the 25th, it will basically turn into a gift card with the amount of what the purchase was supposed to be. Not that it helps if you really want the product, but at least the money is there to spend on something else.

to Marilee #573437

As the previous commenter stated, no one stole your money. You bought a gift card, worth the value of the sale price of the item PLUS sales tax.

And then they gave you the card back. So you have all of the money loaded onto the card. The guarantee in place is that if you order by Sunday at midnight, you will be able to order the item at the advertised sale price and receive the item you originally wanted.

If you for some reason are not able to order by that time, they guarantee goes away, but you still have your money. No one has broken any laws...

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