Apollo, Pennsylvania

I found blood pressure machine in clearance yellow/white sticker that said $4.97. I took it to the register but came up as $49.00.

Twice, the head person came over and it came up as $49.00 and then looked it over and we found a red sticker for $49.00 so she told me she would not override the price because she would not lose her job over this. I followed her to service desk and asked her again why it was clearly marked $4.97. She said that she can't help if their machine didn't print it right and she was not going to lose her job because of it. I felt she was very rude in the way she handled it.

This happened between 4 and 4:30 pm, 4-12-12, at the Wal-Mart in Excelsior Springs, MO. I agree it probably was the $49, but I also think it was marked $4.97 and that should have been what I got it for.

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First Born Triplet

What obviously happened is some customer took the sticker off something else and placed it on the blood pressure machine, then tried to buy it and either chickened our or did not get to the box before you got to it. Anyone with half a brain can figure this out.

Not giving in to a scam which either you or someone else tried to pull is not the same as rudeness. Amazed, some of these people do act like cyber bullies, but let`s face it some of the people have it coming to them. For example they call other people idiots, retarded, and their spelling and grammar is not perfect. Had they not called other people idiots or retarded I doubt that the spelling and grammar would be mentioned.

Some people complain other people`s English is poor when their spelling and grammar is terrible. If they were not stating about someone else having poor English when their English is not perfect they would not care about a few typos and spelling mistakes.


Clearance people! I buy high dollar items weekly to resell on eBay.

Go ahead, find something witty to say about my home business... Because that's all you people do on this site. And it's the same people over and over again. Oh no, did I capitalize that letter?

Did my speech-to-text choose the correct form of 'do'? Grow up! You all act like a bunch of teenage cyber bullies. I haven't seen a single post where any of you have validated a customer complaint.

Do you really expect me to believe that you and Walmart have never wronged a customer, not even once!?

Give me a break! I know this thread is old, and I hope that means you've all grown up by this point.


Hey *** who actually sells something that expensive for under $5? Use what little brains you have in that thick skull and think.

DERP. :roll


I don't believe in honoring all clearance prices. if a tag is left up from the previous sale weeks then alright.

but if a clearance tag is accidentally put on the wrong item then the company shouldn't have to take a huge loss like that. if a little punk put a $50 clearance sign on a $500 computer, does that mean a customer should definitely get that price?



And you actually believe the OP. It turns out most of these OP's are really angry because they tried to scam a company. Their story constantly changes.

If this OP was willing to get someone fired because of this the OP has mental issues.

Not to mention, sometime people like the OP take the sticker off one package and put it on the other. The OP even admitted to this wonder why it was erased.


Did anyone notice

"She said that she can't help if their machine didn't print it right and she was not going to lose her job because of it."

The associate identified the price as being the machines fault. That is not a thief switching tags, it is someone who found an item clearly marked (by walmart) in the clearance area. Is it a huge discount? Yes. But as someone that checks the clearance section everytime I go to walmart i know that sometimes they have really low prices on things (I bought a 26" mountain bike for $20 one time)

So for the employee to admit it was labled that, even as a mistake, that price should have been honored.

If your issue is that the woman would have lost her job, then that says something about the company, and that maybe we should have someone looking out for us employees, like a union. (walmart in Europe have them)


When did you ever see a BP machine that cheap? Use your head, ***. Someone always trying to get something cheap and then taking it out on the employees when they don't get away with it.


like Bruce said, get some common sense. like Ethan said, you or some other person might have switched the prices.

I mean if it was on sale for like 10 bucks less but the price came up wrong then they might do something.

but they're not going to override something and take a huge loss like that just because you're cheap. and apparently a stalker since you kept following her.


So you want her to lose her job just because you cannot afford to pay for it. Most likely you put the sticker there yourself or some other thief did.


A blood pressure machine for $4.97? The next time you are in the clearance aisle see if you can find some common sense for $4.97 as well.