Memphis, Tennessee
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Why do Memphis stores have Bold and Spicey Mr. and Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix and no regular mix?

I live near three stores and I'm lucky to find one bottle. I visited the store at Austin Peay Hwy. today and found 9 half gallons of Bold and Spicey and no Regular bottles of the regular. I don't like to complain, but I love the mild kind.

I have two drinks every morning and it is the only kind I like.

Thanks for any help, I live near the Austin Peay and the store on Germantown Rd. Thanks Again, Bobby Kendall

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I like the bold and spicy, mate. But, each to his own.

I used to make my own bloody mary from tomato juice, tabasco, worcester sauce, etc.

but I now also just buy the same brand you do. Age does that to you, I guess.