Dayton, Ohio

Wal-mart receipt asks you to complete survey to win a $1,000 gift card!

Be careful.

After wasting a lot of time trying to answer questions, there's part # 2..where they try to get you to buy '13' unwanted items! etc., two from first offer, two from second offer and nine from third offer

They also ask you many personal questions like phone no., e-mail address, street address # and name, city and state and zip code. They even ask for your phone no.

Where do you think all that junk mail comes from that you get in your e-mail, your snail mail and phone?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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steven sense

If you read carefully it clearly states this is from a 3rd party company not affiliated with Wal Mart. Everyone is so quick to give out their personal information when a prize is offered.

Don't we teach children not to get in the car with strangers with candy? Same rules apply here.


Target does the same thing and besides nobody said you HAVE to do it! do what some people do don't do it or throw the paper away its easy as that.


Oh yeah, then the information gets used by fake companies like Advanced Lead Exchange to get you to sign up for some phoney debt consolidation thing on top of other things you didn't want help with. Oh that's how the telemarketers get their information from. If you see something too good to be true it always is.