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Why does Walmart not have shoeboxes anymore? Has anyone else noticed this?

Even winter boots I have noticed that they have ladies winter boots just hanging like how flip flops would be displayed. It is just too flimsy hang heavy boots like that. And the boots are so easy to fall because the boots are way too heavy to be hung like flip flops. Does anyone else find this to be unacceptable?

If I pay $35 for a pair of boots, I should be provided with a box. Also you can hardly touch the boots when shopping without them falling. When they fall to the floor I don't hang them back up because it is too flimsy to hold the boots in the first place. In fact I think we all should knock as many to the floor as possible.

That way they will get tired of having to fix them back, hang them back up so they will start displaying them in shoeboxes again like they should be doing anyway.

If it were summer sandals I wouldn't insist on a box. But when it is a pair of boots, shoeboxes should be necessary.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What does Wal-Mart do with all of the smelly shoes that Shoplifters leave behind when they steal a new pair? Are they donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army??? They should be, because then those organizations would put them up for sale for $10 a pair and make much needed money to fund their programs.

to Anonymous #1669335

I believe that the law enforcement officers that are called to the scene take the shoes into custody to see if they can get any kind of fingerprints off of them. Then, if they get a match with someone they can put out a warrant for their arrest for theft. Then the next time the thief is stopped for driving while black or for doing something strange like walking through a ritzy neighborhood, the warrant will show up when the officer runs their Identification and they will be taken to jail and charged with the shoe theft.


People may have used them excessively in your area to steal. Changes like that between Wal-Mart's are usually stemming from loss prevention.


It only makes sense to skip the box. Boxes cost money to produce and increase shipping costs due to their weight and the extra space they take up. Sure, the display may not look as organized but most people would rather put up with a less attractive display than to pay more for a box that will get thrown away when they get it home anyway.

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