Purchased at WalMart, price $9.88 on . The concept is good, but the product does not fit Coca Cola product cans.

Have had "reservations" before re the "As Seen on TV" products. Apparently one gets what one pays for. However, I am "stuck" a dozen totally worthless gadgets. Plastic can however be recycled.

Will attempt to up word count to the 100 recommended, although brevity usually impacts more than verbosity. Since I have survived for 85 plus years on limited retirement income, I can probably live through this.

I just "hate" paying for useless merchandise. Idea is great but not best.

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there is one called "quick top" that does work but it has this memory material which conforms to the can, so you have to get more than one for different sorts of cans.


I couldn't get it on a docter pepper can either, what a huge waste of money

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