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Today, I went to Wal Mart in Shenandoah, Iowa to buy a USB drive and some motor oil. I went and picked up my motor oil first before I went to get my USB drive.

As I found the USB drive I wanted, (which was $8.00) I couldn't get it off the shelf. I figured out that it had to be electronically unlocked, which wasn't a big deal. But then after the guy unlocked it, he had to take it to the register to make sure I didn't steal this $8.00 electronic. As I finished up with my shopping, I asked the lady at the register if there was a USB drive with her?

She said yes and I proceeded to ask her "was that USB drive $8.00?" She said yes. I then asked "Why didn't they take this $31.00 jug of oil to the front too?" She just said it was a policy in the electronic section after numerous items being stolen.

Just a side note on their electronics.... If Wal Mart is worried about their electronics being stolen, they have 3 options. (1) Each employee can walk around with each customer and make sure the customers don't steal anything since all they have now is the self checkouts.

(2) Put up a fence around the electronic section so no one can get in the section. (3) Eliminate the electronic section.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Most of the store, Products for sale.

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All of those options are pretty much dumb. For one, most employees do not have the time to just walk around with every customer.

You talk like they have all the time in the world to just walk around with you. It does not work that way. I have a feeling that you are just a troll. No, they should not put a fence in front of the electronics section.

If they do, they might as well eliminate it. Why would you complain about this anyways?

It's a standard policy. $8.00 eventually adds up.


He is complaining because he planned to steal the $8 usb and they foiled his plan by taking him to the front and making him pay for it. He is posting this thing about putting a fence there because he is mentally retarded and does not know how things work in the world.


This is standard policy for stores like Walmart and Target.

Any item that is locked in electronics needs to either be checked out at the electronics counter, or brought up to the front of the store until the customer is ready to check out.

I used to work in the electronics section at Target.

Get over yourself.


They are just upset because the policy would not allow them to shoplift. If they did not intend to steal the item they would have no issue with the policy.


you still hear? just go away.

nobody wants to hear your crapp. go away.


If my *** hurts your feelings why don't you go away. It is obvious that you are butthurt because I told you off because you posted a silly complaint.

I have every right to post on here if I want. If you are butthurt with my comments perhaps you should go away.


It's policy. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.


Three year old`s don`t have big girl panties. The last two ideas are silly.

Only if you were trying to steal the item would you be offended.

It is a lot easier to pocket the USB after opening the package than the jug. You must be a very young child to not figure this out on your own.


you still hear? just shut up and go away. don't want to hear your crapp.


Like I said if my crapp hurts your feelings perhaps you should go away.


You like big boy panties, right kevin. Mr butthurt I mean.


damm, you used butthurt twice in your comment. try lube next time, kevin.


What did you say? Your crapp hurts.

why is that, kevin? you are a child in a big navy boy's world.

mr. butthurt i mean.


You are the one acting like a child.


"Put up a fence around the electronic section so no one can get in the section."

A fence.

Someone's been playing the Sims too much.


Don't you know the employees steal those things and blame customers? And how are you going to steal a big jug of oil?


Walk right out Wal Mart with the jug of oil.

First Born Triplet

Walk out why here I saw a customer just cover stolen items with a blanket and just run out of the store ignoring the greeter. I think he mostly had candy, chocolate and gum and bread there. Of course he could have paid for it and been in a hurry in his defence.


Or #4. You can shop elsewhere and not burden the Walmart associates with your petty complaints.

First Born Triplet

As someone said they have the same policy as walmart.