Covington, Virginia
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I wait a total of 1 hr. 30 mins to have a question answered and to return a shop light.

I talked to a CSM (Linda) about compensating me for the bulbs a bought from S.J. Neathawk because of the defective shop light that one of the ends popped off releasing the bulbs to the floor. Linda said she would call a manger for me. 45 mins later, the Mgr, (Steve) shows up only to say "no" to the compensation.

So I waited another 25 mins in line and I got a CSM (Hazel) Which told me to go get another shop light. When I got back 5 mins later, Hazel was gone. I had to wait another 15 mins before the line was gone and Linda rang me up. Now I know why everyone hates this Walmart and I will be referring all my friends and family away from there.

There is no sense in treating a customer like this.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #789106

I call BS on this. No way did you wait that long.


Of course the manager said no to the compensation. It was dumb of you to even ask. He probably wanted you to wait long enough for the light bulb to go off in your head that you have no common sense asking for replacement bulbs.


Wally world is such a sad sad place to shop!! they have been on the decline with customer service for years!!

Who really runs this dump anyway!! stock holders and that is who they cater to!! not the customers!!

THE WALTONS have billions!! why they sold you junk you had to keep replacing and replacing!!


Oh c'mon. You waited an hour and 45 minutes? I find that hard to believe


Of course everybody will jump to obey you.

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