Erie, Pennsylvania

Bought Samsung camera opened it when I got home screen was cracked .I had purchased all there extended warranty plans which they talked me into.Returned camera to store .I was told it was not there responsibility.I Questioned the extra warrentys they talked me into buying . I was told to get out of there store or they would have somone remove me.Samsung will not except the broken camera ,they said its walmarts responsibility and They hung up on me when I called the store .Now I'm stuck with A 100 Dollar Camera and an extra 50 Dollar service plan thats worth -0- I will never shop at Walmart Again .Just rember Walmart WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I was angry that they gave me a broken item so I cut in front of line and asked to speak to a manager. Now I am banned and my 9 year old son was arrested on mother's day for shoplifting you losers also got me banned from this site.


I've worked at Walmart in the photo lab for 6 years now. We sell the cameras too. The only warranty we offer for a 100$ camera is a replacement plan for 6-10$ for a year.

I don't know of any 50$ warranty that would be offered for such a cheap camera. If it were me, I would have risked buying the camera alone and take advantage of the 15 day return/exchange with Walmart and then the 1 year manufactures warranty.

I think your exaggerating this story.



I'm sure. You politely ask about the warranty and they kick you out of the store.


What really happened is you took the camera home and broke it because you ability to take care of a camera is as good as your grammer. When you went back to the store, you were acted like a real *** clown and was asked to leave.

Quit trying to play innocent customer against evil corporation. No one is buying it.