Norwalk, Ohio
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got home bag inside was opened and had a 60 hp ink cartridge in a 61 hp ink package . Someone stole original ink cartridge and put in there used one is what I think happened.

Problem is that I went back to tell them and get a ink cartridge that I can use. They would not take it back because it was opened . Hello, I bought it that way !!!!! so I got angry and asked to see manager.

Then they finally said I could go get another one. Sad when you have to get angry before they will help you.

Or even listen to you . I was not going to pay for someone else's old cartridge I cannot even use !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $14.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Service.

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The worst thing is I was so angry I almost hit a child who ran into me.


Sad that you take your anger out on a child when they were giving bad service. Would you do that to someone your own size, probably not.

Coward. How did you not know that the package was open when you picked it up.


She did not know because she really took it home and replaced it with her old cartridge and brought it back thinking she could pull one over on them.

First Born Triplet

I think he or she meant by accident, it is not their fault that a child is running around unsupervised and she almost knocked him or her over with the cart.

@First Born Triplet

I think they meant they a child ran into her and she wanted to hit the child, not that she almost accidentally bumped into the child with her cart because she was not watching where she was going, either way she is a bully who likes to push her way around to get her way. Seriously throwing a temper tantrum like some two year old when you don't get your way is very immature.

They make lots of money and even if she was scamming them they want to get rid of her as fast as possible.

What they did was wrong, they should have called the police on her or have her escorted out by security so she does not pull this kind of *** again. Now she learns that if she does not get what she wants she can throw a temper tantrum until she does, because it worked before.

@First Born Triplet

Yeah I agree with anonymous, she wanted to hurt the child because she was angry at Walmart. Walmart was wrong in this, but to want to hurt a child is way worse.

The reason she did not was probably because the parent was right there and would kick her butt if she laid a finger on her child. I don't care if it was a man, or woman or older teenager, if someone laid a hand on my child I would pounce on them. I have two sons age ten and eight, and a daughter age five and no one is allowed to hurt them.

Then again they would be well behaved and not running around. However perhaps she was too angry to watch where she was going and bumped into the child and wanted to hurt the child.


Yeah that would have gotten you far, you would be spending your time in jail thinking of your actions.