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Bought in fall zused about 3 times. Tried to crank it want start.

Would not take back only 30 days return. It was stored then. Now I have to pay to fix it. Not getting gas.

Google said 1out of 3 want start after storage.

Store 2845 . Dissatisfaction with cust service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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But if you bought the extra protection plan Walmart sells then they should honor it! I purchased something and purchased the 3 year protection plan and when it came time to use the plan they said they couldn’t find record of it!

When I made sure I took care of the registration of the warranty! No I’m out all that money with a broken product!

And *** to show for it! What needs to happen is a law firm that takes care of class action lawsuits needs to come down on Walmart for this exact thing they are doing so the people that got screwed by them gets their money back and then some!


Did you bother looking at the warranty on the mower? I bet it has a 1 or 2 year warranty and that any manufacturers defects will be repaired at a manufacturers service center.

Take it there. Just be aware that if it won't start because you left stale gas in it over the winter, didn't open the gas valve, have the proper amount of oil in it you will be charged as the problem isn't a defect but a consumer error. Manufactures of gas powered equipment won't take them back from the stores as the majority of problems are caused by the consumer. I'd try draining all the gas, going to the gas station for fresh gas and try it first.

Don't put gas with ethanol in your mower and add fuel stabilizer to the gas as well. Good luck.