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In my opinion, the Ad Match is a bait and switch fraud because the ad has to match exactly the product you are buying. All Wal-Mart has to do is change one word on their product label and the ad doesn't match even though it's the same exact product.

Also, they disallow Buy 1 Get 1 Free ads. Why is that? The Ad- Match program at Wal Mart should be done away with because it is not a true ad-match.

It is designed to get you into the store, put the product in your cart and when the discount is denied, rather than complain, most people will just give up. Not me, I'm pissed because I feel used, cheated and ripped-off.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Agreed, notgivingit. Anytime a store does ad match it has to be for the exact same item.

Even if it's a matter of color you can't take an ad for an item in blue or yellow and expect to get the red.

All 3 may be 'the same item' but obviously two colors aren't selling well and that is why they are on sale. Same with everything else.


uh of course the ad has to match that's the whole point of the sale numbnuts. obviously you don't do a lot of shopping on your own or you'd have figured this out.