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Very disappointed in walmarts new return policy regarding bras. They're now considered "underwear" and as such, cannot be returned.

I went in to return within 24 hours of purchasing one bra, and bathing a suits for my daughter. The bathing suits could be returned but not the bra, even tho the tags were on it and in perfect condition, due to this new policy. Every other store bras can be returned, Victoria secrets even allows actual underwear to be returned. I'm telling everyone I know, this is discrimination towards women.

Men's t shirts touch men's ***, yet they can be returned. Tank tops are often worn without bras, no issue returning those. Had I tried on the bra in store it would have been just as contaminated by my *** as it was by taking it home to try on. No difference.

I am extremely offended by this sexist, discriminatory new policy. I have returned bras before at Walmart, if I was told this policy at the time of purchase I never would have taken the bra.

I am spreading this information far and wide as long as necessary. When I was unable to return the bra, I told the man working at customer service "to just throw it in the garbage then", which he did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Change return policy of bras, un classify as "underwear". .

Walmart Cons: Return policy for bras.

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There Ottawa be a Law, There Outtawa be a Law Y'all, There Outtawa be a Law against anyone acting that way!


i need to return a under wire that is puncturing my skin unbearably .. want to return it ... wow wish I had known..


Ridiculous policy!! My Mom is 94 and cannot get out anymore.

I cannot buy items that cannot be returned.

What’s the difference if someone tries on a bra in the store or at home? I will shop only where returns are possible - that excludes Walmart.


Totally agree


You wouldn't want to purchase a bra that was returned.


Thanks for your info. I have a bra I bought at Walmart and was going to return it today. I did not know about this new rule.


Bra band Walmart


That's odd. I purchased a bra and returned it a couple of days later with no problem. I even had the tags removed.


Yes, same thing happened to me. Very disappointed!

My kids didnt stop running around so I purchased the bra so I can try it at home. Few days later I took it back to walmart with the receipt, and tags still on customer service said sorry we cant take it back.

If I wasnt aware of the new policy. I will never shop for bras at walmart.


Yes, the same thing happened to me. Was never told this upon purchasing it.

Not sure why a nipple would be any different then any other body part... I did not buy a nursing bra.


Just had same experience in Walmart Lethbridge. Bought it on lunch break took it back after work and told oh we don’t do returns on bras anymore- what a crock of *** Didn’t see any signs posted anywhere when I was looking at them to say no returns on bras. They for sure have lost my business .


It is discrimination toward women’s


I agree I'm pissedvas well 2 sports bra I got as gift just by the size I knew they were to small so brought them back n yeah no returns on sports bra???? Not worn tag still on wtf is Walmart still scamming ppl s money that way??? What a bunch lowlives


I've just learned of this no return policy from sister in Canada. She grabbed 4 in a rush to try on at home since she was in a rush.

3 didn't fit right and they refused to return them!!!

She's pissed and won't be shopping a Walmart anymore. I agree with this woman's comments and think Walmart better review their return policy on Bras!!


Me too! Panties and swim suits I can understand but bras with all tags attached and replaced to hangers?

I really don’t understand. Kicking myself for not trying them on in the store.


The follow-up thread where the supposed OP said she slapped her daughter may not be the real OP, just a troll. Why do I think so?

Look at the two threads and their personal language games. Language game is how each individual uses language.

It's like a fingerprint; every person who uses English (or any language) has his own unique way of putting words together. The two threads are so far apart they cannot be the same person.


Well that just gross returning under garmets ..just why?


You're a moron


I buy my bras at LaSenza. They can be returned if they don't fit. Walmart can keep their theirs!


your daughter asks about your mindset out of concern & your response is to slap her....i can see the one good thing out of this experience is your daughter being taken away