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Here is a copy of my letter dated August 2, 2010, that I sent to Walmart Home Office. I have yet to receive an response, not even an apology.

I have recently visited Vision Care to have my eyes examine and to order new lenses for my eye glasses. Everything leading up to and including my eye examination with Marcus Meadows was professional. Everything thereafter was just sloppy, but not until I picked up my glasses Friday July 30, did I realized the scope of the sloppiness.

The associate broke my eye glass frames while trying to replace the old lenses with the new ones. My $275 frames were no longer useable. Both the store manager and the associate knew the importance of these glasses to me. I had purchased the frames in Germany. I was disappointed and shocked when the store manager came out to tell me that my glasses had been broken while trying to take out the right lens of my glasses. The store manager gave me damaged frames with an apologize and refund for the lenses of $189.

In addition, the Office Manager stated that "this is why we don't like to put new lenses in frames that a customer brings in." However, both the manager and associate initially assured me that Vision Care could put new lenses in my old frames. Had either one warned me of the possibility of damaging my glasses, then I would have not moved ahead in purchasing new lenses for my eye glass frame.

I returned to another optometrist where I had purchased my original frames. I called Vision Care and requested faxing my prescription to this optometrist store which was done. When the optometrist examined my glasses, she discovered that my the lenses in the broken frames had been reversed. That is, my right lens, the stronger one, was placed in the left eye glass frame and the right in the opposite one. I recalled mentioning to the associate after she took out the lenses for measuring that something was different about my glasses and continued to think so for nearly a week while awaiting my new lenses. She assured me that they were the same lenses. She didn't even check. The associate had mistakenly reverse them (left lens for the right eye; the right lens for the left eye). This is clearly demonstrating a lack of skill and carelessness on her part and partly explains why she broke my frames.

I'm angry about my broken frames, imported from Germany-- but my sense is that this could have been prevented had the associate been a little more careful had she return the lenses to their correct side. Then my frame breakage would not have happened.

To date I have not received a response from either the local store or from Walmart Home Office.

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This is exactly what happened to me today!!! Went to replace silicone piece that sits on the nose.

Was told they had to replace frames.

While doing so, the lady broke both lenses and did not apologize!!! Horrible service, I will never buy from Walmart again!

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