Asked Walmart for price match on 2 different occasions:

1. Aldi offered 5# roll ground beef $10.99. Wal-Mart's price $14.97. Checker would not give price matching because I did not have ad on me and checker was too lazy to look in their ads they have at every register. Purchased anyway at Wal-Mart then went to Aldi to purchase if still avail. Went to return hamburger to Wal-Mart with receipt and aldi ad and Walmart would ingredients or exchange and was given 3 different reasons why by 3 different employees.

2. Wal-Mart will not price match their own online prices. But when you order online to pickup in store they go pull merchandise off their shelves in store.

Wal-Mart can not go out of business soon enough for me. I've totally stopped shopping at Walmart.

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I called Walmart over 13 tomes each time was on the wait for over 30 minutes no one never pick my call up I was transferred too...I will never order on line again from Walmart or even shop there again..I have a question why do Walmart have a phone. When it's useless..BAD BAD SERVICE AT WALMART IN PEMBROKE NC..

Orlando, Florida, United States #849927

Stores do not match their online prices! How many times does this need to be said?! The overhead of a store is a lot higher than one central warehouse where they ship things from, therefor the warehouse charges less than the store.


Site to store items are not pulled from the shelf, they are delivered to the store by fedex, ups, etc 7-14 days after ordering. Pick up today (the ones available for same day pick up) items are pulled from the shelf, and if the price of those is less online than instore the price is adjusted automatically at the register back to the original form of payment.

Most stores do not ad match with online prices and since it is not advertised that they do there's nothing wrong with them refusing it. Get your facts straight.

to Anonymous #851090

The original post was... "when you order online to pickup in store they go pull merchandise off their shelves in store".

They did not state Site-to-Store. In that case, they actually do pick it from the store shelve!

I had a bad experience with that once and will not do it again. I ordered for store pickup, went there, and they said they didn't have any and told me I should have ordered ship-to-home!

Most retail inventory systems are horrible.

I've used the ship-to-home. It's free shipping, and I don't have to drive!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #849731

Actually, Walmart does not pull site to store items off the shelves on the sales floor. They are actually delivered to Walmart and put on a shelf in the backroom. They do have tape that says "Site To Store." I know this because I work there.

Now, as for the store you were at, I can't speak for them


Why did you not look at the ads in the register since they have them at every one, perhaps you don't know how to read or are too lazy, however you sound self centered. If someone else was asking the cashier to look up the flyers for a sale item you would be complaining about that and how the customer should be prepared.

You sound like a spoiled brat. You cannot return food especially meat, even someone with an IQ of 80 knows this.


How do you know they had the Aldi's ad at every check out. It makes it easier and faster for the cashier if the customer brings the ad with them.

It is also a matter of courtesy on the part of the customer. You must have had the ad someplace being you knew about the sale. Also for price matching the item has to be exactly the same, brand, etc. As far as price matching things on line, some things that are in the store are the same price as what is on line.

The items that are higher priced in the store than online it is because the store has to pay to have it shipped to the store. Just like things that are delivered to any type of store are one price in the first store that the items are dropped off at, and when the same item is delivered to a store 50 miles further away it is higher priced because of mileage. When it comes to ordering things online there is a difference between ordering site to store(those items have to be shipped in from the warehouse.) Then there is ordering things that are already available in the store when you do this it is basically to make sure they will have the item for you when you get to the store and the times that I have done this the price when I go to pick it up is always the same as it is listed online. I'm sure WalMart won't miss your valuable business.

It is really funny I have never heard of anybody having the problems at any WalMart that you have listed in your complaint. I think you just want to complain about WalMart.

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