De Queen, Arkansas

I was working at the local WalMart for almost a year and a half (10 days shy of it actually) when I was called into the asset protection office. I have no idea why they might call me into that particular office, since I hadn't stolen anything, so Im thinking they have 'proof' that I did.

Turns out, I was getting fired for 'pointing out'. The manager that was in there with me pulled up the record of my attendance, and the last time I had been late/missed and gotten a point was about TWO MONTHS before then (this was happening on 5/1/15). If I had pointed out already by that time, why not tell me then, and not TWO MONTHS later?

Apparently I wasn't the only one to possibly get screwed over- manager said there were at least 10 other people that were gonna get called in.

Another thing- there was an employee in my 'department' that was constantly not doing his work, managers knew about it, other associates knew it...Yet he kept his job for nearly a month after I was fired (something to do with a lunch break finally did him in. I don't know the details)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think that there is something that you're not saying because you just want sympathy. I believe that you were late more times than you care to even mention here.


You really are immature putting down another co worker. Perhaps they were using your lateness to get rid of you because you are not a team player.

Telling your co workers fault and trying to get them fired because you got fired is low.

You do not need to add that part about your co worker in this review.


Grow up, you came late often, and this is your own fault.


Sorry that you got fired but if you want us to feel sorry for you when your attendance was bad then you need a reality check.