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After a morning, which led to a rather warm afternoon, I decided that I would purchase my greens from my local Walmart, as to prevent heat induced wilting. My local Walmart is the last stop for groceries, etc.

on the way to my house, making it a convenient stop for various items of necessity. I have purchased organic vegetables from Walmart, before, with no problem, so I figured why not. Though Walmart is never my first choice of places to shop, for anything, there are times that I have little to no other options. I am a vegetarian.

Therefore, my daily salad intake is absolutely necessary. I am also allergic to bees. That said, I opened my sealed container of "Marketside, washed and ready to eat, baby spinach", began to place my spinach onto my plate, only to be stunned at the sight of a DEAD BEE, lying belly up on a piece of the spinach. I am not, at all, a fan of any type of insect.

Needless to say, I was absolutely disgusted, my appetite was gone and I was highly disappointed, for multiple reasons. 1) I wasted my hard earned money on this garbage. 2) After not eating for the majority of the day, I was looking forward to my dinner. 3) The thought of what may have happened, had I eaten the bee.

4) False "washed and ready to eat" advertisement. 5) The idea of having to make another trip to a different, much further grocery store, in order to purchase a betrer quality product. Marketside, you need to do better.

Walmart, you need to do better. You could have killed someone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marketside Baby Spinach.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sierra Clark

Is it common to find bugs in sealed spinach then? I found one in mine just trying to figure out the kind?

If anyone thinks they might know what it is? Looks like a stink bug almost but has a green heart on its back.

It was a bag of “Fresh Express ready to cook spinach“from Walmart. Not mad just curious and maybe a little grossed out.


You must be CAREFUL with the food. I have had a big black LIVE fly in my bread loaf, meat was green inside but hide in package, sour hoagie sandwiches, and they never change the grease that they half cook in.

It made me so sick that I had to go to ER. WALMART....


Did you wash it off and it eat like a big boy? No?

Good god, it's produce, who cares.

If it doesn't have salmonella, or some sort of live worms, I'm not upset. This complaint is ridiculous, you're just looking for something free.

to Anonymous #1391116

Definitely not looking for anything for free.

Have a nice day, "Anonymous".

to Anonymous #1399409

He cares....everyone doesn't pull salmonella, or listeria. His life isn't free.


talk about a bee in your bonnet

to Anonymous #1380138



I NEVER trust anything that says it's been "washed", as I'm guessing the factories use recycled unclean water. With that in mind, I always wash/re-wash all fruit and veggies, this includes fruit with skins (oranges, bananas, melons), as anything on the surface once opened or cut, transfers to inside the fruit. ew

Give it a good wash, making sure to stay away from the stinger, and you will be good to go, it was expensive I am sure, so don't waste your money throwing it out as it is still good, just needs an "extra" wash.

to aliens_amoung_us #1399412

WASH is key. Even if it says ALREADY WASHED.


Bugs and bees are naturally found in produce. Yes, it was washed, but just as if you had washed it at home you may not get everything washed off 100% of the time.

No need to throw it out and buy more. Just rinse it off and eat it.

to Anonymous #1380137

I did not throw it out but I did not and will not be consuming the spinach. I grow many of my own fruits and vegetables.

So, I understand the cleaning process and that it takes a few times or more of washing, in order to eliminate debris. That said, the point of my post is the fact that I, nor anyone else, should be required to put in extra work for any product the is advertised as "ready to eat, use", etc. Also, as someone who is allergic to bees, I could have grabbed a handful and gotten stung. If I were not the type to check for negligence, as I did in this instance, I also may have eaten the bee, unknowingly.

Bottom line, all producing, distributing and consuming parties need to be aware of such situations. To my knowledge, being mindful has yet to be the cause of anyone's death, however, anaphylactic shock, most definitely has.

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