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Can someone please tell me why Wal Mart is using a commercial pesticide to sanitize their buggies for a flu virus? Commercial pesticides are for BUGS not VIRUSES.

They also contain cancer causing agents.

So again, WHY are you doing that Walmart? The first time I noticed this was back at the height of the "scandemic". The odor, so cloying and overpowering, caused me to hyperventilate which exacerbated my generalized anxiety disorder causing a chain reaction leading up to my being unable to breath normally. Gagging, wheezing and terrified I might have a stroke due to my abnormal heart beat!

Within minutes of touching the cart my hands were broke out in small red welts. After that I used the grocery pick up for almost nine months until the mandate was lifted in May 2021.

I think every patron of Walmart should be asking why they are using that on their shopping carts. I think, no I demand to know what it is you are using to kill a virus with a 99 percent recovery rate on a cart that I am touching and putting my groceries on!! Is lysol or micro ban too expensive?

These carts are dripping wet with whatever agent your people are using. Is Walmart trying to deliberately poison people or willfully ignorant about the long effects these chemicals have? I for one would a thousand times over rather have Corona, SARS, N1H1 or whatever else they claim to be a national health crisis.

To combat this issue, I no longer come in the grocery side nor do I touch the carts. I bring a small wet hand towel in a plastic bag to thoroughly wipe down the cart I get and trying to educate others such as a woman a few weeks ago.

She went to grab a buggy for her mother and I stopped her by saying let me wipe it off.. do you smell that? She then paused and said, what is that? I said I don't know but its on these buggies and it smells like commercial pesticide to me.

Having already dealt with cancer in my twenties, I am NOT up for a repeat. About twenty minutes later she approached me and thanked me. She said she came in and waited a few minutes and then walked back into the vestibule where the odor assailed her.

People, please stop grabbing these carts and start demanding the managers or corporate tell you what they are using to "sanitize" the carts with.

I have already contacted Walmart and they never answered my question about it. AND PLACING MY FOOD ITEMS IN THERE.

User's recommendation: Wipe your buggy with your OWN towelette!

Preferred solution: I want them to disclose what they are using and if they are using something that causes cancer to stop! Pesticides are for bugs, the kind with legs, not a flu virus! .

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This is a ridiculous lie and you know it.

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