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I was shopping at walmart on dave ward drive in conway arkansas recently. I absolutely love fresh fruit and spotted some huge gorgeous nectarines.

I decided i had to have some but as i approached the stand where they were displayed a huge swarm of what i call fruit gnats rose from among the fruit and took flight. Some of the nectarines on the bottom as it turns out were rotted severely. I mean rot where the rotten blistered spot has opened up and is leaking stinking brown liquid everywhere. I found a rep that i very quietly and discreetly pointed this out to.

I found the attitude they immediately developed to be unacceptable so here we are! They didnt seem to think that living bugs crawling around on the fruit was a big deal. Well its like this. As bugs are crawling on food their also puking *** and *** on said fruit.

Thats totally NASTY! Lets see what type of einstein comments the druggies and rejects at this store leave to try and defend this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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So, you make fun of people who reply to you? What I really hate are buggy people.

People who have no common sense about produce, and bugs. Do you really expect the store to toss out all that fruit, because you see some gnats? I got a store where those bugs fly in the door, and hang out by the soda fountain. They like the sugar on the nozzles and you can clean the nozzle all you want to, and they still are there a few minutes later..

If you really liked that fruit upon first seeing it, and you can be sure, they have been there for a long, long time, from where ever they picked said fruit.

All you do, is take the ones you want, and take em home, and wash them before you eat them... At my store, all the people have to do is run the soda fountain a bit, and wash out what gnats might be crawling up the tail end of the nozzle! Common sense at play here...

What really erks me, is people coming and filling their cup with ice, and then pressing said button, and there goes a gnat into their cup. They go eeeeeeeek!

Dump the cup, and toss it into the trash! We charge money for the empty cups, and I had one lady in the back, that wasted several cups, and tossed them in the trash.

I am sorry, but cups, and ice are not free, and picky people like you that obviously are paranoid about some dumb bugs, that come back, year after year, should be sent to a farm, where I would put you on a tractor, and make you eat those gnats all summer long, plowing a field.

For God sakes! Grow a brain!


That's sick. Fruit flies walking, puking and

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