Oxford, North Carolina
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I have been buying Bunn coffee filters from Walmart for years. All of a sudden they have quit carrying them.

I went in today to buy several boxes and after finding someone to help me they researched the product and said we no longer have them. I asked why and she said she didn't know why. Walmart still sells the Bunn coffee maker but no filters. We live in a small town with no where else to go.

Now all the Bunn coffee drinkers have to go out of town to find filters:( my question is why sell the maker without selling the filters.

Yes you need these filters so you won't have coffee grounds in your opt of coffee. Regular filters don't work at all.

Reason of review: Bunn coffee filters no O.

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i went to buy bunn coffee filters today, no filter, i always buy 3 box at a time, they still sell bunn coffee pots, no filters


Bunn filters are still sold by Walmart. Your location may simply have sold out and the employee you talked to may have been lazy or unwilling to check the back room for more. You can even go to Walmart.com and have them shipped directly to you or to your local store if that's more convenient.


They checked on one of those hand held scanners and it said that they had none left and none were coming in. Guess it is just that location.

This has been going on for years. Sorry I mislead you what I meant was that particular store does not sell them.