Valrico, Florida

I asked for help and they knew nothing about how to use it and I went back four times. The HDMI cord was not in any of the Boxes when I bought the Roku and had to buy the cord that should go with the Roku.So the employee

Suggested I buy this cord.,

It did not fit. The fat guy with long hair said he knew nothing about them,

Because he didn't have one,Why don't the people in this Dept. Know what

They are selling,they need to be educated in their Depts. So now I have to make my fifth trip to Wallmart. I am not a happy camper.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You know what would be absolutely brilliant? If Walmart actually cared about their employees as much as they do their vaunted "customer".

No seriously, Walmart REFUSES to train their employees because they REFUSE to pay their employees unless their employees are out on sales floor (in the back) either directly handling merchandise (stocking) for the customer to buy, or actually helping the customer buy that merchandise.

All they give us is these ridiculous yearly refreshers on "how to clean up spills" (anyone knows how to clean up spills, they DO have three separate "hazardous" material courses, but they all tell you the same thing) and the like.

(Aside from "hazardous materials cleanup", "burglary protocol" was probably the only other helpful learning program).

They provide no training to their employees on products in their department, AND the Roku TV is actually an item that didn't come into (my) store(s) until Black Friday and happened to popular enough that they kept ordering it, even though it's not "official".

We, as employees, have no interest in training ourselves (on our own time, without pay) on the sixty types of televisions, eighty types of phones, forty types of internet routers, hundred types of speakers, twenty types of landlines, thirty types of printers, eight grands of smart watches, ten types of fitness wristbands, and fifty types of headsets just so YOU (someone who - as a taxpayer and presumably a licensed voter - REFUSES to hold Walmart accountable for how they treat their employees and their economy) can feel a little bit better about your purchase.

If you have a problem with Walmart, go shop at Fry's or Best Buy! Or even Amazon (Amazon treats their employees about as badly as Walmart does, but if you can justify shopping at Walmart, you can justify shopping at Amazon).


How about researching it yourself! You know how to use the internet to whine...try using it to research products too! Also...for quite some time MOST products no longer come with hdmi cords looks like YOU need some education yourself.