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The company as normal practice Lists Items on their website that are not for your intended use.

I was looking for a driveway sealer. (I had my Driveway Repaved) Went to Walmart. Com Searched Driveway Sealers and it took me to the page where Sealers and other driveway products are listed I then went down the page looking for the best sealer Which is Manufactured by Henry I used it 40 years ago it lasted 30yrs. without cracking. So I wanted the same or close product. After 40 years you don't remember the exact name of the product. But I knew it was Henry, on that web page it listed Henry Sealer and Damp Proofer 4.75 Gal. There was an application Video I watched it.

HE1077 $59.04 each Average coverage 100 Sq Ft I bought 4 to do the driveway (10 X 40) It came in from a company called ZORO who is a 4th party (Not A distributor of Henry Company). Used it and it does not harden right so I called . Walmart representative Took down the information and tried to transfer me got disconnected. Called back got a different rep. and she read back the information I gave the first rep. and gave me the number for CMI a company that would be able to correct the problem, (5) days leaving messages for a Jennifer to call me back or e-mail me, I called Walmart Then I got a rep. that transferred me to Zoro a Canadian company with a warehouse in the mid west, Who hung up right away. I called back Walmart now extremely upset got a rep. that could not find the order, Told me that it was a third party purchase and that Walmart has no responsibility with a third party vendor.

I will never do business with such a lousy company as Walmart again. The error was Walmart’s not anyone else By the way they listed it.

Be careful when dealing with a company that takes no responsibility with what they sell.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2257.

Walmart Pros: Stinks.

Walmart Cons: Lies, Lack of business responsiblity.

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"take no responsibility for what they sell". Well, I do believe from your post that I'd figure you're right.

Only problem is you didn't buy it from Walmart, you bought it from ZORO.