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As a business owner, I shop at Walmlart on skibo Road in Fayetteville NC all the time. On atleast three

trips to the bakery, I have had problems with the head cake decorator. She is always rude and short with

me. When I am talking to her, she walks around like she wish I would just go away. She need to be

counseled or removed. I will continue to patron your store. I would hope the person in charge of the

store will deal with this matter. I spoke to her supervisor and it was as if the supervisor did not confront

her. Therefore, this complaint is filed for the store MANAGER to Handle. The next time I patron this

store I hope not to have to deal with this person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

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Corporate office probably won't read this. This is an "unofficial" forum to cast your complaints.

Try Human Resources.


I run a small sandwich shop down the from this Walmart. I think this is a very rude person. We will shop elsewhere until she is


Paul W

I have a complaint with walmart also, but I don't believe they truly care about the customer. That's my point of view.


I am wondering if writing to the Head of Walmart would help expedite this Lady to the

Unemployment line. She would learn to be a humble person in her next JOB.


When you have a title like cake decorator from *** that tells your customer something is wrong with that business. That in turn causes that business to lose their most inportant part MONEY.

Walmart is this person worth you losing your Customer, Money. If not the this lady must GO.


Does walmart read our comments. Do they care how their customer feel or what they are thinking. WALMART Answer under this comment section.


I agree with above complaints this Head Decorator Lady needs to be shown the door. Walmart this one is not a "KEEPER". Give her, her Walking papers.


Why is this lady still working in the bakery. Walmart the bakery will be a better place with her "GONE".