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I purchased a birthday cake from the Wal-Mart bakery and it contained pieced of hard crystals in it. It cracked my back tooth.

They never gave me a refund. I called customer service and they said to retain the cake and directed me to CSM bakery. Now, three months later they still have not followed up with me. I call the CSM bakery and they give me the runaround.

I will never shop at Wal-Mart again and told others not to as well. A few customers may not be enough to make a noticeable dent in their earnings but over a course of time it may. Especially if their customer service is this terrible.

They did push away a very good customer as I would never spend under $300 at any visit. So now I have given my business to other stores.

Monetary Loss: $20.

  • Best Brands Bakery
  • CSM Bakery
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So how bad were your teeth to begin with? Maybe you should be spending your money at the dentist instead of on cake anyway.


You should seek a therapist instead of wasting time on here.


How can you tell a person to go to a dentist? Did you eat the cake. You are *** @anonymous!


Maybe all those cakes, pops and high sugar foods is making her teeth bad. Or maybe this is bogus to get money from them. After all they are a billion dollar company, even giving this person $200,000 to keep quiet rather than investigate won't hurt them.


A few hard crystals in a cake shouldn't be enough to chip a tooth. Furthermore, WalMart doesn't bake the cakes there, they are shipped in from some place.

Do you really think that the people you told not to shop at WalMart will follow your advice? Good heavens!

you can't force people to do what you tell them. They might not tell you they are still shopping there but I bet they will.


I will tell them, they may not all listen to me but my family will listen to me if I tell them not to shop at Walmart if they don't I will disown them, if my friends shop there I will not be their friends, if my Facebook friends shop there I will unfriend them. Yeah I did have a few of my friends not take my advice they are no longer my friends. I have not spoken to them since I found walmart bags in their houses.

First B

Don't you think that is going too far? Disowning family members because they shop at a store you had an issue with?

@First B

I never wrote that!


I already told you CSM baked it. Also, the tooth issue is not from poor dental health. The crystals were like glass texture or hard plastic.