Greer, South Carolina
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I put in a cake order on Thurs afternoon and told the lady I needed the cake Sat. at 12.

I get to WALMART *Greer location* at 1pm(hr later than actually said) and the cake is STILL NOT ready for pick-up. The lady said she would work on mine now and needed around 15min to complete. This is complete BS I put a order in, it should have been ready. I then had to RUSH to make it to my SONS party to decorate and all on time, not to mention I had to sit in the car with 3 kids for an extra almost 30 min before the cake was ready!!!

I will NEVER order another cake from WALMART!

Oh yea the cake lady also said since it was ready the price would be discounted (knoocked a whole $3 off) WOW Who can I call and make a complaint to??? Anyone ever had a problem like this???

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $19.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Okay now to prove my theory and show everyone that you can use any IP address as stated below I will change mine to Orange California. This proves that Kevin is lying and that you can basically claim to be from anywhere on Earth.


Nice try ***, but when you post a fake location it automatically puts the location as private and does not show it. This further proves that the OP and the person making claims about child abuse are the same person.


I do not know who keeps making all these posts from me ( thambrick2008) but this typing is the real thambrick2008, I posted on this site to try and get info on who to call and all I get is someone posting stuff that's not from the original poster ( me). I would appreciate to whoever keeps writing these post to STOP!!!!!

Its all untrue, I did none of the things listed and my son was not seven on his bday anyways!!! thambrick2008 ( real one)


This is a common Kevin Richards tactic. If you'll look at other posts that he has commented on you will see a lot of similar responses from someone claiming to be the OP, and then he immediately responds to it.

He claims he does not do this, but it has happened several times, usually when he is losing an agreement, then he comes back on and gets his jollies by calling the real original poster a liar. Something else he does is if someone corrects his grammer or spelling, he will post as them with errors and then log back on to point them out.


Keep lying and keep creating other accounts and posting as anonymous to defend yourself pretending to be other people. Yeah keep doing this and you will forget what you originally posted and get caught in your lies.


So you put this as a $19 loss, which I assume includes the $3 discount which likely means the cake was $21. How much exactly were you looking for regarding a discount on a $21 cake?

Half off? Free?

Now I agree with you if Walmart took the job and said it will be ready Saturday at 12 it should be ready. But if it's not reasonable compensation should be offered, free is not reasonable.


I was not looking for anything. I just think that my SONS cake should have been ready when they said it should be ready.

My son's seventh birthday was ruined because of this. I was so angry that the children were fighting in the car. My son was upset that his cake was not ready as well. I told all my children that if they did not keep quiet I would cancel the birthday party and throw the cake in the trash.

I had no intention of doing so, but I just wanted to keep them quiet. My son was crying because he really thought I would do this. At this time I was influritated that I slapped him across the face five or six times. Mind you this was on his real birthday.

Someone interfered and saw me do this and told me that was not unacceptable. This totally ruined my son's birthday. Then I got a call from social services, apparently someone reported me to the police getting my license plate number. I was told that they got three calls.

I am not asking for free cake, just more than $3 off. During the time I had to RUSH for my SONS party I was worried that the person would report me. My fears came true today when CPS showed up this afternoon. I will be taking them to court for this.

Now I am even more angry at Walmart because they are not allowing my message to go through.

Every time I try to post it says I got the security code wrong and this is not true. I guess since I am complaining rather than complementing they are preventing me from posting further.


You need to grow up and learn how to control your temper. I am glad the police were called and someone took action against the way you treat your children before you seriously harm them.

Also the Walmart does not own this site. This site is owned by pissedconsumer where you can make complaints to various companies. Perhaps in your anger you got the code wrong? You can try taking them to court if you want and claim it was their fault you abused your son therefore ruining his birthday but the judge will most likely laugh you out of the courtroom.

I agree with you if they said that the cake should be ready by 12 than it should be ready by then. But in your other update you stated they did not make this promise. That you demanded that they bump your child's cake up ahead of others. This is what happens when you do things at the last minute.

You can only blame yourself for this. You can only blame yourself for leaving the children in the car unattended so you can swear at the manager. You can only blame yourself for making threats to throw the cake in the trash and slapping your son when he took you seriously and started to cry. It was YOU who ruined your son's birthday not Walmart.

Grow up.


I don't know who commented under my name here but that was not me! This is the first post I have replayed.!!!! It doesn't matter what I ordered a cake days in advance and it was not ready"!!!!!


Further more. They never said they would have the cake ready by Saturday 12pm.

They said that they had a lot of orders and that it would most likely be ready by 3pm. I told them this was not acceptable and if they could bump my son's cake ahead to those that needed the cake later. They were rude and told me no. Then I asked to speak to a manager and he said he would see what he could do.

He could have at least offered me a gift card or more than a $3 discount. But no. Then to top it off he had the nerve to tell me off for leaving my children in the car unattended. I did not want my children with me when I started using profanity and telling them off.

I got back to the car and they were arguing which is when I threatened to cancel the party and when I slapped my SON on his OWN birthday.

Again the idiots from home office are preventing me from posting by saying I got the wrong security code. Well I won't let them win, I will keep trying to post until my messages goes through until they know how they *** up my son's birthday.


Ok I guess the people working at home office are big babies. They censored the word *** because it hurts their feelings.

This does not hurt as much as it does me for nearly having my children taken from me. Right now I am being monitored thanks to them. Now the idiots at home office are saying I have to wait 31 minutes to post another message. Well good that just gives me more time to tell about other bad experiences I had at this store.

Long lines, manager was rude to me when I did not have a receipt for an item, he was even ruder another time when I tried to return an item four days past their return date policy.