Clerk had me enter full Social Sec no 3 times to deposit check | Walmart in Chico, California

Clerk had me enter full Social Security number 3 times to deposit 2 checks in to Bluebird account. The first check worked, with a 3.00 fee. The 2nd check did not go through at all. I was told to 'read the printout' for explanation. The printout stated it would not 'cash' the check, when I had instructed her to deposit it. The printout also stated all of my personal info is collected then 'shared' to any and all parties allowable by law. UNBELIEVABLE! This check was a US Government payroll check, scanned with all of my personal information, AND Social Security number entered 3 times also. Free information for all? For a simple deposit? AND a fee charged for this? I'm going to scream real loud!
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Deposit stuff in your own checking account.


Dont ever buy a money order from walmartan you have a owe a collection bill. They use a system that when you try to cash the money order back .

They put a stop payment on it.

So had to make the money order out to someone else to retrieve it back. They some slick bastards, but not i know NEVER buy a walmart m/order.I was lucky an thinking quickly.

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