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Walmart in Los Angeles, California - Wal-Mart niega mis cupones de alimentos

A medida que mis hijos son bebés ancla y Obama ha prometido me Amnistía decidí tomar sobre mí a visitar walmart por primera vez en años. Bueno, yo fui a conseguir las cosas habituales que siempre me dieron en el mercado español. Tengo mis cosas y me dirigí a la salida. Cuando llegué allí de revisar la cajera negó mis cupones de alimentos diciendo que no fue aceptada la tarjeta. Tuve un ataque y Calle ed el gerente. Él dijo lo mismo que le fue denegado. Estaba tan enojado que me fui a llamar a los servicios de bienestar que lo arregló. No debería haber incluso tuvo que llamarlos. Walmart es muy malo. Son fanáticos también. Porque soy marrón y no un ciudadano de este país. Mi marido y yo colaron en este país hace unos años y trajeron mi familia después de la elección de Obama ya que sabíamos que nos daría la amnistía. Estados Unidos es, después de todo mi tierra de todos modos. Fue tomado de mí. El hombre blanco nos debe.
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Poor customer service

Milpitas Walmart (95035) won't accept manufacturers' coupons and BAD customer service!

TWICE in a row, the Walmart in Milpitas CA would not accept the manufacturer's coupons I gave them at the cashier ( I cut 1 of them from the Sunday paper and the other one I printed from the manufacturer's website). Both times I had to wait for like 10 minutes for the manager/ upper management, and then all they told me was they know the coupons are legitimate but they are not in their system so they cannot accept it. OK both times I was holding a crying baby waiting for an answer but that's what they said to me? I mean I shop at CVS and Safeway too and their manager would still accept my LEGITIMATE coupons (usually I'm talking about ONLY ONE coupon) if it happens that the coupon is not in their system. But this is not the case at Walmart. Worse still, they made me wait for them for 10 minutes? Really? And all they said was Sorry? And the 2nd time this lady told me she knew there is a problem in their system, but then she can do nothing? She did not even try to fix the problem or tell this to the upper management? What? And when I told them it's their problem and they should honor my coupon because they claimed that they'd accept manufacturer's coupon, she said sorry she cannont do anything about it. OK NOW this is not about the money, but if you claim that you accept coupons, you should do your job. And both times the staff at Walmart made me feel like I'm wrong to complain? I'm VERY disappointed about the BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at the Milpitas Walmart. They made a lady carrying a crying baby for 15 minutes wait there for nothing + she was wrong to express her own opinion. This is just outrageous. This is NOT how you treat your customers. I would not shop at the Milpitas Walmart again if I don't get a satisfactory response from you. And the reason I'm posting here is I want people to know about how bad the customer service is at the Walmart in Milpitas, CA 95035.
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I have the same problem in Oklahoma with Walmars. I take the coupon in and even try to stick with the exact item shown on it.

They make it such a hassle to redeem manufacturer's coupons and yet they expect us to believe that they will honor competitors coupons. I don't take big stacks in at a time, but just a few and more likely than not will have to wait for manager approval on at least one even if everything is correctly done by me. I think they do it on purpose to discourage coupons.

I will continue to use them though and they will just have to wait. I have given up on the online ones though, they are even worse with those.


Oh and according to what that other response suggested, a woman with a baby should NOT shop at Walmart, even worse she CANNOT express her opinion at the store if she is with a baby. Oh my, I cannot believe how people change nowadays.

That is just wrong. This is discrimination. This is the first time ever that I complain about anything to anyone at any store, with or without a baby. And now I am wrong?

Just because it happened when I was shopping with a baby? Or I'm married with a baby?

Please... if you really think so, just keep this to yourself.


Oh and I forgot to say that if she apologized and told me she'd report this problem to the upper management and try to fix it, that would have been fine. But after waiting for so long, she just told me they would not accept the coupon even they're real.

Don't forget that they claimed to accept manufacturer's coupons and now no matter what coupons I gave them, they are not accepting them. So now this is my problem?


Get over your crying baby, you are using that as an aid for complaining. You chose to have a baby and you chose to take the kid shopping.

If the coupon isn't in their system, they wouldn't be able to get reimbursed for it. Get real!!! More than likely they are trying to get the system fixed, just because you coupons have worked in other stores, doesn't mean that there isn't a problem with the WalMart system.

You kind of make it sound like it is WalMart's fault and that they are rigging the system or something. If you never shop there again, I'm sure they won't miss your whining self.


I don't know what kind of reply this is. I DID NOT use a baby as a aid, for GOD's SAKE.

I meant that their service was SLOW, and that made my baby cry. And they were NOT polite and sincere in apologizing AT ALL. I don't know where your rationale in ladies being unreasonable when shopping with babies come from. I am always a reasonable person and I never complain if they are doing their job, even if they did not accept the coupons for a reason.

I can accept that there is a problem in their system, BUT NOT when they say they know it but they are NOT doing anything. This is NOT the first time this happened too, as I said. And I meant the other stores NEVER made me wait for such a long time, and they would NEVER be so rude to a customer. I really like Walmart and always shop at Walmart too, but even so, I still know what is right and what is wrong.

And I know they would be happy NOT to see me again, but after all, this is just not the way you treat a customer, this is ALL I meant.

I'd suggest you to get real, no matter how much you like this place.

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