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I was in Walmart today at your store in Sunnyvale, California today. I was going through the self checkout.

The computer froze on me and started messing up. So I called the cashier over to try to straighten it out. She was leaning on the podium looking all bored and she seemed a bit annoyed that I called for her help, even though she did talk in a fairly friendly tone at first. I was getting frustrated and she didn't seem to be able to fix it.

In fact, she really seemed to be not too interested in helping me and she seemed to be just pushing buttons to make it look like she working on it. She finally said that she would have to close the lane and I would have to go to another lane. I told her how ridiculous this was as I started to load my stuff back into my basket. I didn't yell it or anything, I calmly and rationally said it.

I glanced back up as she was walking back to her stand and she mouthed what I believe was the word *** to a cashier working at another checkout lane. I can read lips well so I know that is what she said. That was the last straw. I threw what I was holding down on the ground and told her "well, this *** is leaving." Before I left I went and reported her to the CSMs.

I called her store manager today as well but he just told me that I have no proof that is what she said. Her name was Jennifer H.

and I am reporting this to as many places as I can. I Will NEVER darken the doors of this Walmart again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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So.... everything that is said is about you!

Maybe she was talking about the situation, or, equipment.

In the likely event she was commenting about was a great experience it was working with you, you felt justified to destroy merchandise, complain about how unfair you were treated, and leave all your items in a heap! Your fortunate they didn;t call the police.

...and so concludes another episode of "Nightmare Customers"!


Wow. Just wow.

People like you make working retail a living nightmare.

Maybe the poor employee wouldn't be acting this way if hundreds of other people didn't pull the same entitled *** you did. Hate to break it to ya, the would does not revolve around you.


You don't have any proof that that is what she said. You gave her attitude from the start.

If you don't want to be called a *** then don't behave like one. Honestly you behaved like a five year old when you threw the items on the ground.

Maybe you are five throwing a temper tantrum. The more people you report this to the more they will see your behavior as childish and immature.

First B

She had no right to call you a b-tch but come on you are accusing her of purposely pushing buttons to make herself look helpful, you got mad at her when a machine did not work. This is not her fault so you had it coming to you.


Well, if the shoe sound simply awful to deal with. It was not her fault the register was broken.

These things happen. You were p*ssed at having to move to another line, but get a grip, it was not like she could wave a magic wand.

It is because of disgusting customer behavior like this that makes retail employees hate their jobs. GROW UP!


If you don't know that's what she said, you shouldn't be accusing her of it. Also, its not her fault the lane went down,k technology is flawed everywhere and they are limited ad to what they can do to fix it.

I'm sure you weren't as calm and rational as you claim. You probably threw a fit and threw your stuff in your cart like a child.


Actually this person threw the stuff on the ground, if it were not for the spelling and grammar I would have thought this person was five years old based on her behavior. She may be a grown woman but she acts five. It was not right for the cashier to call her a ***, but then again if she acts like a *** she should not be upset someone called her a ***.