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I am a single parent. I have no money for a babysitter.

I thought I would make a quick trip to your store and back. I have a three year old son. I knew that if i took my son to the store with me my quick trip would take longer because I would have to watch him. When I left the store I found out a customer reported me to the front desk and they called the police on me because I left my son in the car.

The doors were locked with child proof locks so he could not get out or open the door to strangers. The car was turned off. The police officer accused me of child abandonment. She told me this time it was just a warning but if she ever got a call again that I would be charged.

This police officer must have nothing better to do and the associate who called the police must be a bad worker for her to call the police on me. The police officer is a bad police officer who likes to use her power to harass and bully people.

Good thing she did not arrest me or I would have her badge number. It is none of her business that I left a three year old in the car for one minute so I could shop in peace.

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First B

You are lucky it was not a hot day and it was in February otherwise you could have killed your son from heat exhaustion. They should have taken him from you.


You must be white?

I think you should thank that cop very much for not beating you, charging you and taking your *** to jail. No excuse for this, your are wrong, what prevented you from taking the kid to the store with you?


I don't even shop with my dog in the car. I love my dog, she deserves better.


Ok PA we know who the state of loosers are. And as far as las piedras, puerto rico goes it was the middle of winter here and He had a snow suit on!

It was 14 below so heat stroke isnt gonna happen.

Keep your nose where it belongs! Walmart sucks


I wouldn't even leave my dog in a car especially with no airand the windows up. What were u thinking.

It doesn't take long for heatstroke to set in. Plus all of the child molesters and murders in the world.

I would have called the police too. You have alot of nerve posting a complaint!!!




the only part that's fake is this little imposter from New York, a state full of *** losers. people can believe what they want but I'm not changing my story.


People this is a fake story why are you leaving comments like it is real?


you are all fools if you're still falling for the imposter's story. I will not explain myself anymore, it's pointless. you are all just jealous of my life and wish you were part of my drug organization.


Lol. Just lol.

That is child abandonment. :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll


Leave a child in the vehicle becomes Police's business to investigate. A worker that called police on you did the right thing.

Leave a child in the car for One minute will end up Serious disaster; Life, Death, or permanently damaged which is either kidnap, molestation, any sick thing you could think of. You have NO business leaving a child in the car alone.


Quit being such a lazy fat *** and take your child in with you. Problem solved.


wow you are ***, i can't believe you're actually *** becuz you think its ok to leave a *** kid in the car. if i were that cop you would have gone to jail. *** you're one *** ***..


LADy you don't deserve to have children or to dilute the gene pool with you spawn. You probably have left you dog locked up in the car with the windows up on a hot sunny summer day and wonder now why he is sick and might die. Get you tubes tied, we dont want to have to suppost anymore *** people from cradle to grave


LADy you don't deserve to have children or to dilute the gene pool with you spawn. You probably have left you dog locked up in the car with the windows up on a hot sunny summer day and wonder now why he is sick and might die. Get you tubes tied, we dont want to have to suppost anymore *** people from cradle to grave


You are the imposter... Ah who really cares I think we have bashed this skank enough.

On to the next crack smoking child abuser.

The looser likely drives a ford fairmont with no insurance. Its been fun boyertown.....


lol this impostor from New York makes me laugh. not only can they NOT impersonate me, they make up lies and have horrible grammar.

sorry little kid but your little game ends here, no one is laughing with you. I simply tried to tell these good people, who aren't actually good, what Walmart did to me. that should have been the end of the story but now people are going on about how I'm such a horrible parent. now you're attempting to make me seem worse.

I DO drive a Dodge Caravan. if I'm in a soccer mom car with kids, that makes it less obvious that I'm carrying drugs. not a Lexus that looks like it was bought with drug money. plus you fail because you claimed that you "bought" the Lexus in the beginning of the post then you claimed that you stole it so that proves that you're making up ***, you little loser.

while I do let drug dealers, pedophiles and sometimes even random people watch my kids.. I do NOT have a pimp. I'm not some ***. I don't accept money, I just everything for free.

thank you very much but I don't want to discuss that private part of my life. one part you're right about is that I do sometimes steal. if a store *** me off or if I just happen to be in a bad mood when I walk in, stealing cheers me up. one time I even thought about my kids!

I stole a few video games for them but I went home.. to find out that they hadn't finished painting the living room yet. they had an entire half hour! AND the video games that I stole apparently are Xbox games and the only gaming system they have is some old Nintendo from the 80's that one of neighbors gave them.

so not only do those games work on the Nintendo.. I mean come on! they're all the same! they took a video game that wasn't authorized by me first.

so I broke it by smashing it over the head of the neighbor from down the street. in order to keep them from calling the police, I had my drug dealers give her a nice beating! I'm getting carried on now but I blame this on that trashy New York impostor who is explaining their life, not mine. one other thing, I do NOT live in a trailer.

it's your nice every day house. I don't pay anything on it, I actually use my drug dealers to keep the police away. my kids don't even deserve to sleep in the bath tub! they sleep on the living room and once in a while, at the neighbors house that likes little kids.

I'm not sure why but he's so good with them so I like to give the brats a little break from my good care. but anyway, I'm sick of you.. you know who you are.

I still have a feeling that it's my ex. I'll find out!


Cheezus Kraft! Comments 1, 4, 5, and 6-480,000 will you please go on Facebook or Twitter or something and stop arguing with yourself?


Ok I am done with this site! I got so fired up when this last liar posted that drive a Dodge Caravan!

That is not true! I sold that wrecked thing 2 years ago and bought this second hand lexus which I am driving now. All be it the locks dont work. Further my pimps name is Gueido and he is a killer pimp only takes 3/4 of my money for working his block and he provides me with child care while I work.

And no dont ask for a w-2 as I cant show that to the governement or all these worthless kids would be for nothing. I sure dont want them and my Johns sure wont take a refund. As far as a house goes lets not go there. I own a trailor and also am a star on the discovery channel on Hoarders.

Oh dang the real reason that I posted this is I was angry at walmart cause the called the pigs on me for stealing. I was claiming the child neglect thing. But I have a real problem. My trailor is so full that my kids all sleep in the bath tub.

I steal all the time. I stole the lexus, my kids they are all stolen, this computer is stolen. I am just a sex addicted clepto. And I aint got no grammer lessons so there.

I am VEGAN CHICA born in 81 and You are dirty liars! Cats Rule!


*** WTF are you talking about? This particular complaint is about Walmart and how someone called the police on a neglectful parent, not your issue(whether real or made up)