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On Jan. 2,2014 around 4:35 pm. I called two Walmart stores, one in Rocky Mt. NC and the other in Nashville NC. (Red Oak). After being on holding in Rocky Mt. NC Walmart Store for more than one hour I called the Walmart store in Nashville,( red oak) Walmart Store. I ask to speak to a store manger. The same event took place, after holding for about 30 mins. A lady finally answer the phone. I told her I was holding for the manger and ask her, her name. The lady said her name and I ask if she would please connect me with the store manger. She stated her title as a zone manger. I told her my upset with how long I waited to speak to a store manger. My questions I began to ask her about was the Samsung Galaxy s3 cell phone I wanted to purchase. The zone manger was not at all able to help in answering my questions. So I ask who was the store manger? She say her name was Iris. I gave her my phone number. Finally, Iris call me and I spoke my mine on how Walmart needs to consider customers. She agreed and informed me that the young lady actually work in that department the cell phones are sold in and should have known better to lead me wrong with her lack of knowledge. This is too, too much!!!!!! Walmart Stores in these two areas are a lost cause when it come to commutations , knowable interest, and improving store quality. I hope their is someone who cares enough with a professional title at Walmart that wants to fix this problem!!!!!!

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Store managers are the busiest people in the world! You might get better response if you ask for the Store manager OR assistant Store Manager.

Going to the store and politly speaking with a cust service person is a great way to deal with most situations.

Cust service and cashiers deal with irate persons all day!

It's low pay and they are the ones who end up getting treated poorley. I've had a few unpleasant experiences with cashiers. In my local Cub foods & Wal-Mart, when I go thru the cashier line, we usually chat a bit because we recognize each other, or are just plain civil to each other. If they look frazzled or frustrated, I will usually make a few comments to hopefully cheer them up.

Your also one of the most patient persons!

You waited over 1 hour, and then 30 mins on the phone! If I'm on hold more than 5 mins, I usually just hang up and call later.


If you want better service, get off your fat *** and go into the store. People like you who tie up a sales clerk or management person on the phone keep them from helping,some one,who is in the store with actual money to spend


Walmart, contact me. I need to know just how this problem can get resolved and you have read my complaints. Thank you.


This isn't Wal-Mart complaint site! This is a generic complaints website.

Nobody from Wal-Mart is likely to read this. Besides, it's Wal-Mart! Google your product first and learn about it and then go purchase it.

Never trust what a sales person says about a product. always do your research on your own.