I have called and talked with people from Walmart they said, no problem we can get your email changed for you just wait for about 30 minutes and it will be all ready for you. I thanked them and hung up, I waited until the next day. Well, I now can not get in to order my medication. Please will some one that knows what they are doing help get this taken care of, and please remove the old address .

Thank you,in advance

Kay Overby

kjoverby65@***.com password ( Grubworm1 )

old address; gkoverby@***.net password ( chilidog1 )


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: change my email address on walmart site so I can order my medications ( and deleate my old address ).

Walmart Cons: Customer care, No customer service employees p o.

Location: Moorhead, Minnesota

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James, is right, and while you are at it do you want to give us your credit card number as well?


Also it is illegal to post those things online.


It is not illegal, just foolish. Anyone can get into his account as James said fuzz with all his contacts, like send nasty emails.

If he has used banking for his email account anyone can use that information to scam him and take his money. People wonder why there is so much fraud and scamming going around, and this person just gives personal information without a second though. With the information he provided people can use this to steal his money if he uses this email for banking because he provided his password.

Also OP, I was just kidding about providing your credit card number, please don't be that *** and actually post it. Even nine or ten year old Aiden knows that is not wise.


Giving your email and password is just asking for trouble. Anyone can use it to cause trouble.

Not a very bright thing to do.

For all you know someone could go into your account and cause trouble by sending out rude messages to your friends, employers.

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