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I bought a floor fan from and realized it was quite noisy after 30 days. Since has a general 90-day return policy in the United States, I asked to return for refund.

My request was refused without a clear reason.

I checked Walmart Return Policy website, and there is no specific rule for returning a floor fan, and that is why I believe I should be able to return this fan. The customer service of didn't provide any help except asking me to contact with the manufacturer or visit Walmart Return Policy website to figure it out...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Do you think air conditioners are also fans??because i read on my receipt that air conditions can be returned only within 30 i am panicing too.i bought a tower fan and just been lazy to return it..its abit too big for my kids room but now i been reading and not sure if a fan is considered an air conditioner.i wonder if i could still return it.i ahd it almost 2 months ????


One question about a detail you left out: did you have your receipt? Retailers are not obligated to refund anything without a receipt.


If ordered online, you need to start the order return process from your order history page on site. Did you try that?

I'm in the same situation... well sort of. I bought a 16" pedestal fan online directly from, not a marketplace seller. I'm still within the 90 day return eligibility with 6 days left, but strangely, the order states that it's no longer eligible for return.

I've contacted and await their response. I bought two of these expensive fans. Opened only one to check it out, the other is unopened. Waste of money because they're not being used at all.

I'm worried dishonor their policy.

I've double checked everything. There's no reason it shouldn't be eligible for return.


Could you finally return your fans??im curious??