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My son got his first disability check & Walmart refused to cash it even though it was a US Treasury check. No explanation why.

Call the 800# they give you & they say it's because he isn't a customer & had no credit. He is 18, I'm sorry but he isn't gonna go get credit cards & run up debt like most Young adults.

They have lost all my business. I will drive the extra 40 miles to go to a nicer grocery store & a town that had everything I need in it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Check Cashing.

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"drive the extra 40 miles" Translation: My family has burned out our financial institution bridge in the area and Walmart was our last resort to get over on my son's disability check. We understand cash isn't trackable and we'll just fold it into our money(which is probably disability or some form of welfare)where it will disappear.

Look, if you haven't already messed up the boy's credit by putting utilities and other nonsense in his name and not paying, take him to a bank and get him a direct deposit going. That will make it harder for you to steal from him.


Ah yes, it's called "ChexSystems". Once your name is turned over to them, your name is added to a blacklist of people not to open up a bank account for.


Not sure exactly how and why an 18 year old would get a government disability check. Sounds awful suspicious.

Show him how to open an account at a credit union and have the free money he is getting deposited in a savings account at the credit union and even open up a checking account so he can pay all his bills that way. And, we the taxpayers of this country say "your welcome" for your hearty thank you for the largess he now received.


Just like all of the juveniles getting coached by their parent's to pretend like they were mentally ill so that they could receive a monthly SSI check. (this happened in Lake, Providence, Louisiana.

Reader's digest did a story on it around the turn of the century.) Social Security investigated and found at that over 200 people were receiving a monthly SSI disability check for bogus mentally illnesses.

The only thing wrong with them was that they were poor and unable to find employment. Now it's one thing to pretend to be crazy if you're an adult, but to coach your children into doing that is really disgusting.


You get your money ain't for nothing, and your checks for free. That ain't working, that's the way you do it.


Why wouldn't he go to a bank and get a checking account? They are in the business of handling checks and cash.

Stores like Walmart take a risk with every check they cash. They have no way to know it the check will clear their bank.

It could be stollen, canceled or the account the check is drawn on may not have the funds. Take your son to a bank and open an account.


Because every time they try to open up an account, the bank runs the customers information through "ChexSystems", and it comes back saying that they are blackballed from opening any accounts.