Mr. President of wal-mart, it disturbs me that wal- mart has so many stores and sells a lot of product. And i'm sure you run short of a lot of things at these stores.

I bought a vaccum foodsaver and have a lot of stuff to put up and can't find no bags to put this food up. I have called 5 wal-mart stores in a 50 mile radius and no one has any bags.

I hope that you correct this demand on this product as soon as possible at all stores!!!!! Thank You Mr. President

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Obviously no one has ever heard of a production issue. If the manufacturer can't make enough product to adequately service warehouses, then how can a Walmart warehouse sent that product to the store? It's always easy to blame, never easy to find the truth...


I've had the same problem with our wal mart we baught the arm and hammer refillable bottle cleaners there at first they kept the empty bottles stocked along with the refills now I can't even find either in my wal mart, went to walmart.com and looked up the item it said currently unavailable at my store, the closest store that had it was over an hour away , as for site to store what sense does it make to order 1 package of the product on site to store, some people can't afford to buy in quanities and as a former wal mart employee the site to store you have to order XX amount of $$ to even qualify for site to store to be free. :sigh

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #64121

Why don't you just go to walmart . com and look for it?

You can always go to another store to look for something too. Go to walmart . com and search for vacuum food saver bags. You'll even find some that can be shipped to your store for free (site to store).

Like I said, you can always search in another store.

It doesn't have to be walmart either. You have to learn how to fix your own problems.


Let google be your friend...

why do I have to tell people this? They find this site, somehow but yet can't find any way to correct or fix their problem.

What happened to Americans who were proud to do for themselvs? Now they get pissed off when someone can't or won't do for them.

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