I went to Walmart with my boyfriend. While there I noticed there was dream water (have to be 18 to purchase) which I wanted to purchase.

As we were checking out, the cashier asked to see my ID. I did not have my ID on me, and then asked my boyfriend to purchase it. The cashier would not allow that because he was with me, and I did not have my ID. So i left the store, and he went to buy me the item.

He went to a different line, but the cashier had been informed of the previous ordeal and told my boyfriend that she could not let him purchase it for at least another 24 hours.

It's just water that helps you sleep, it is not like it's alcohol. We will never be going back their again because it is just ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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sorry but any retail store or liquor store operates that way, it's the law. so you're basically blaming Walmart because you're a ***.


So you wanted WalMart to break the laws, just because you couldn't prove your age? With an attitude like that you don't sound like you are even 18.

Furthermore, learning how to self hypnotize yourself to sleep, is a lot cheaper and safer.

Has been working for me for years. I'm sure they won't miss your arrogant attitude.