I was given 2 walmart gift cards @ $50 each and have been unable to use them at time of my purchase. The lady at walmart said i need to activate it w/ the receipt...but it was a gift.

Regardless, no where on the card or packaging does it say it needs any activation at all...only to call proir to use to check balance...which i did. Also, calling the 866# on back of card is a waste of time b/c there is no way to speak to a person nor is there a number promptor to have the card activated at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Justin Fleming

Happening to me right now 10/8/18 Ordered 25$ gift card Received the card couple days later Tried to activate, says the card is expired!! And 0$ balance!!

I called 4x trying to get the card activated still not activated and being sent to the gist card team. The website says any gift card under 250$ does not require activation Such a scam Walmart.com


Same experience for me


Happened to me, twice. The teller told me the network was down.

I came back a few days later, more of the same, network down.

I ask for a store manager who referred me to the useless number on the back of the card. Ooooh - I'm going to get my $$$$$.


This happened to me also. Twice.

I gave a gift card to my son. He went to use it. Denied.

I called Walmart.

They told me it would take two days to activate it. Yes, two days.

Then two days later I got an email telling me it was activated. Son went to Walmart.

Nope. Not activated. Walmart is the worst. Don't buy their gift cards.

They are horrible. They don't even care about customer service.

The employee was angry with me because I was upset. They are idiots.


This has happen to me. Our company order the cards online and needed to activate them.

When doing so they had many problems trying to activate.

Walmarts online service needs a reboot. It took six days to finally fix this problem


Received a $50 card for Christmas. Tried to activate mine this morning.

It says there is zero on the card. Called the help number. They basically accused the gift giver of giving me a used card.

Of course it comes in a sealed envelope. There are many other complaints on the web.


ibought a pfepaid card and cant use it outof the country i activated it bought did not use it can i get a refund from walmart


So is my $50 gift card now useless?! >:( :cry


I can't use my Wal-Mart Gift Card either. It's for $100.00 and I'm pisted about this.

When I went to Wal-Mart, they were absolute NO HELP.

They told me that I have to contact Visa directly to get a refund and it is a process that I need to go through to get the refunded amount. This is so ***.


That lady must have been a crack addict, you never need a receipt! You need to know the balance however, which you already knew (and i also think is retarded. Try customer service ask to get the balance and maybe they will give you a receipt with the amount on it and just use that if someone is being like that.

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