Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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this service sucks ive been decline for two cards amounting in 1,000$ the bank keeps putting a hold on my money that i put on the card and i work very hard for it and have 4 childern who need to eat i should report you to the news station or BBB for this is a mess how yall sleep at nite and to top it off i have to wait to get my money back buti did'nt to put it on the card these reloadable cards is a headace now 17 days *** off costomer still broke kids cant eat

Monetary Loss: $484.

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plez dont be taklin bad bout geminimnb00 be my new babees dadee


tanks geminimnb00 the babies daddees be in da slammer i tink i be knocup agin


Omg!! I was very surprised by the comments left on here!

This is horrible the fact is they are probably walmart employees Ha go figure!! Walmart sucks and those cards are worthless, Their is nothing wrong with my grammar I am an educated person and you all are *** holes!! You don't know this lady and If i wrote this while being as upset as she was I would have some grammar issues too!! Her having four kids don't mean anything!

I have a friend who has four kids and one day the dad just decided he didn't want that life anymore!!! You should not judge....and if you have a headache go take some tylenol duh dumb ***!


some people have to realize that its hard out here so the one thats talking that SH+T chek ur own self you *** wit ur brok no job having *** you give urself a headache fool


Solution: Do society and yourself a favor: go sit on top of a microwave for about ten minutes.


Oh my god, this post gave me a headache just trying to read it. The only thing your dumb *** should be working hard on is your grammar.

4 kids? Wrap it up ***!!! It's called a CONDOM!! Or can your "hard" working fat *** not afford them?

Dumb people should NOT have kids.... You make me sick!