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i enjoy going to walmart because it is close to my house, cheap(somewhat) , has most everything of what i need. however it never fails to amaze me how rudely im treated every time i go in there. i have started to just ignore the employees altogether because of how unprofessional, and rude they are. it is not just one location. i have been to many walmarts and this has always happened. i can provide examples:

1=one time a friend and i were shopping and had many things in our hands. so we did what most normal people would do and start looking for an abandoned buggy. we found one that had a pillow in it and nobody in sight. we took the pillow out and put our stuff in and started walking off. an employee came up and said "can i have my buggy back???" there are several things wrong with this. 1st of all, there was ONE pillow in it, we had an armful of stuff. yes we could have gotten a buggy at the beginning of the shopping trip but we hadnt predicted we'd pick up that much stuff. anyway, instead of saying it NICELY she barks at us and grabs the buggy. 2nd, if she really needed the buggy for her single pillow, she shouldnt have left it. that was very rude.

2=back when i was with straight talk (by the way sucks also, but thats just my opinion) i went to the walmarts to get my phone card(back before i realized i could buy one online) and one time i went there and they didnt have any at all in stock. i asked the guy in the electronics when they'd get some more in and he said he didnt know. i said do you know of anyone who CAN tell me when you'd get another shipment in? he said "i dont know'' REALLY?

3=i was at the u scan check out and had a blue basket that i had my stuff in. well i went to sit it down on the floor and leave it but then i thought well thats kinda rude so ill just give it to the employee who was monitoring the u scans. she was not doing anything at the moment but standing around talking to a couple other girls. laughing and talking. otherwise doing nothing and not paying attention to customers at all. so anyway i wanted to go to the subway they have in the store (which is near the exit) and eat before i left. so i go up and hand one of the girls my blue basket and say excuse me can i give this to you? and she looked at me and laughed and said " well they're over there by the door...but ill take it anyway''. ok first of all, i wasnt leaving the store yet so i wasnt going near the place where they were, SECONDLY that was the worst customer service i have ever experienced. she was doing nothing but standing around gossiping and pardon me for interrupting that to hand her a basket to ask her to DO HER JOB. seriously????

4=this is 2 separate stories but they are related somewhat. on 2 separate occasions i picked up clothing (one time it was pants another time it was underwear lol) and proceeded to checkout with them. well when i got up to ther register , they wouldnt ring up. so then the cashier asks me stupidly oh well whered you get this from? and i said. uh....misses section? like what kinda question is that. and in both instances the cashiers said oh well we cant sell you this because its not ringing up. OK well why did you have htem on the shelf???? doesnt make a dam bit of sense. in the case of the underwear i was so embarassed, i was like ok just forget it i dont want them and the cashier took them away. when i was told i couldnt buy the pants , i said well thats ridiculous theres several racks over there with the same pants. and the cashier literally said ''oh well theres nothing i can do'' and TOSSES the pants on the register belt behind her out of the way.

these are just some of the few instances ive had with walmart and im sure they wont be the only ones. ive never in my life had a good experience at walmart. these are just my own personal stories and opinions and unfortunately none of them are made up.

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i work third shift at walmart and i try not to be rude to customers but when you check your task and you have 14 hours of work to do in 6 hours you get kinda aggrivated. it doesnt help any when the customer walks off the tools you have to do your job,or when they create you work to do. i have gotten in trouble for not finishing my assigned task because customers cant decide what color they want and just stand in my way for 30 minutes before they ask me to lead them to the next item on there list


I have a few things to add here:

1. You took a buggy with someone's stuff in it. Regardless of whether it was an employees or not, you still took a buggy with product in it. Exactly where did you stuff the pillow? And it is not the employees fault you could not predict how much stuff you were going to pick up. Get your own buggy!!!!!!

2. Straight talk phone cards are direct ship to the store by home office. We get them when they send them, we do not order them. So no, no one can tell you when they will get them. Telling this, twice I might add, is NOT rude.

3. It is NOT the self checkout attendant's job to take your basket. Telling you where they go is her job. She can not read your mind to know you were not leaving the store.

4. No idea what you are saying here. Did the items you brought have no tags?

Simply put, you get rudeness when you give it, and in at least 3 of these you gave it. I would have told you the same thing. Don't treat people like they are *** then complain when they return the favor.

As for expecting someone to 'do their job' when you work there and go through training, then you can be qualified to tell someone how to do their job. Period. I would have slapped you for that comment alone.


I, too, have a few things to add.

1. Buggies are for customers. Use rocket cart or ladder cart.

2. We can order cards from vendor. Will take some time to get though.

3. It is one of the job requirements of the attendant to help customers.

4. Could have radioed for Dept. Mngr. from apparel for assistance.


1. Our store has 5 rocket carts, and 3 ladder carts.

2. We can't. Ours are NRPL.

3. To help. Not do it for them. That is what the check out lane is for.

4. If you have a radio, which in our store only management has. And with DM's running 20 plus departments, in our store, you are hard pressed to find one with 10 seconds to *** let alone come running when you call.


RUDE Customers!!!!! Get a life If u do want good service try not to be so rude. It goes a lot farther.


I too had some bad customer care experiances. I work in customer service and I know the kind of service I deliver is excellent and I go above and beyond the call of duty and that is what I expect in return.

when I come across some one who is rude, I do not let it go. I go to a manager and let them know because if the manager does not know how their employees are behaving when they are not around, they can not correct the issue. if the manager does not take the complant seriously, I will contact corproate and they will make sure the complaint will be taken seriously.

Never let rude behavior go untold. We must demand better customer care!


How does the employer treat their employees? "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."




Any Walmart that I have ever been in has the hand carried baskets near the Subway part of the store. Also when I enter a store I always grab one of their buggys because a person never knows how many thing you will find.


true but actually the store im talking about has the baskets in a different location, not near the subway. but thats besides the point.

the point was she could have replied in a more nice manner rather than acting like it was a complete pain in her rear to do something.

thats all im saying.


You realize it was not her job to take your basket. You're just lazy!


Did you ever stop to consider that the level of customer service might be related to the low prices? Like, if you were to shop at a store that charged higher prices, they could afford to pay their workers a livable wage and therefore attract a higher level of customer service staff.

Bottom line: You can't expect champagne for beer prices. Consumers vote with their dollar, and if you want to see improvement then shop at places that provide great customer service.