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Update by user Sep 16, 2018

Attention class action attorneys I think that Walmart may be wide spread cheating consumers on warranty

Original review posted by user Sep 16, 2018

1/2014 Purchased a car battery with warranty 3 year free replacement and 2 year pro rata. This battery failed 4/2017 so warranty honored and replaced under proration.

So $122 Battery after pro rate credit cost me $85. So this month 8/2018 now this second battery fails. This is where the b.s. begins.

The assistant manager , because general manager can’t be found, says that I get only a total of 5 years (3 free rep and 2 prorate) and I have used up warranty. Then she insults me and say how can I expect a lifetime warranty. I told her I never expected a lifetime warranty. Then she asked the Sherriff to come to customer service not until after she poisoned the well of Another assistant manager .The first day I tried to get this taken care of the Assitant mgr looked up warranty policy and gave me a copy.

On the copy it says “All batteries purchased on a pro rata basis ( which I did when I paid $85) will have the full warranty of the battery(3years free rep and 2 pro rate) and this full warranty starts on the date the replacement pro rata battery was purchased. Walmart wants to say the start date is the original purchase date 1/2014 which is not what the warranty says and not even the battery being warranted. The battery being warranted is the replacement battery replaced 4/2017. Therefore a warranty for the $85 purchase will extend to 4/2022 3years free replacement and 2 pro rata.

I think the assistant mgr who is black resented me a white consumer.

She talked very rudely like I was stupid and looking for a free battery. Insulting. Then calls sherriff likely to play a race card with a white person who just wants what Walmart’s written policy says in English. To date and over 2.5 days manager not to be found.

Walmart employees unlike Costco have serious educational deficiencies. Very Sad that Walmart heading towards the same failure of Kmart and Sears.

I didn't like: Employees lack of competence.

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You are quite literally the dumbest person on the planet. Warranties never roll over on anything....ever!

to Wow #1569571

Do you know how to read. Read the Walmart policy.

Maybe your as dumb as Walmart employees that cant read. Who knows you may be a Walmart employee because strangely enough thats what the AA Walmart employee created in her mind. In fact you are likely one of the Wally world thinking wally land. Ok, I will help you with reading and comprehension..

Remember a person can read but that doesnt mean they comprehend. READ the warranty document. Its written by an attorney level of education. Dont get tired and stop reading after the first paragraph.

ADD and ADHD has a tendancy to make people tired. Then when you get to the 5th bullet point (that has nothing to do with guns), READ and apply to the situation. Then comment back to me apologizing that the real DUMMY is YOU..

BTW Walmart Corp has read and understands, its the local office that is confused. You can join that group

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