Spring Hill, Florida
Not resolved

If your card has a chip in it your card will not work My wife said she had to leave about$159 of groceries at the checkout. because the code was coming out of the credit card reader the card failed!

Cashier said please try a new card after trying it 3 times. IT IS A NEW CARD! they said to contact our bank and guess what there is nothing wrong with cards they work everywhere else. Gee looks like Walmart Failed we cannot shop at Walmart any more.

The store has gone down hill after Mr. Sam Passed. It used to be only things made in America now its China! China!

China! poisoning us with their lead toys and mercury beads that the parades floats toss out to the kids.

your lucky if you get an item MADE IN THE U.S.A. China is out to get us with Walmart being their best buyer!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Walmart Cons: Service.

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My card works fine...


You wife is a big girl, if this happened to her she should be writing about this instead of coming home crying to you. You sound like an abusive and controlling husband. If you were not your wife would be typing this.


Are you sure you activated the card? No need to be embarrassed, it happens all the time.