Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I will first start off by saying that I am in my late 20s. I decided to stop at my local Walmart for a movie. I picked one and went to

the nearest express. When it came my turn and the cashier scanned my item, the register made this weird noise. The cashier then asked

for my license. I asked what for. She said that the movie was rated R and she had to see my id. I said my id was in my car and I

wasn't going to go out and get it. She told me she couldn't sell the movie to me. I said fine. While I was paying, I got on the phone

with my boyfriend and told him what had happened. He told me to go get my license and demand the movie. I did just that. I went back

to the same cashier, gave her the license, and demanded my movie. I also wanted to know how she determind that I needed to be carded.

She said the machine tells her when to card someone. I told her my boyfriend was never carded. Her manager comes up to see what is

going on. I told her what the cashier did to me. She tells me that the cashier was only following the rules. I tell her that her

cashier doesn't know the difference between an adult and a child. This has to be the most *** cashier I had come across.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Why the *** does everyone have their panties in a bunch at her complaining about this?! Why the *** would anyone card for a movie anyway?

Not like it is actually going to prevent a kid from seeing it, as there are many many ways they can get their hands on the movie. It just creates a hassle for consumers.

Walmart sucks *** anyway, their music is censored. *** move on their part all around.


And you are complaining about this because? Take it as a compliment.

I'm 21 and in the last few years, I have been stopped by the truant police (school leaving age is 16)

ID'd for lottery tickets (legal age is 16), alcohol/getting in to bars (18), tippex (18) and various other things.

the only time I have ever been less than impressed was the tippex and that was because the guy wasn't overly polite about it. I've never actually complained about it though, it's the law and it usually makes my day!


Doesn't matter. If the OP was old and came through on one of those scooters, they would have to produce ID.

That's how the world works yo. This isn't when we were all kids and you could buy a pack of smokes when you were 17 because you knew the cashier. In any retail job, if the computer says you need to see the customers ID, then you *** well better get it out. If the cashier does the reasonable thing and uses common sense to determine this crippled old man with the cane is over 18, ignores the lack of ID and rings him out.

Bam. Grounds to be fired.

It may not happen right away, but if your employer ever needs an excuse, you violated procedure. And there are 30 *** waiting outside that can do your job for 10 cents less than you were.


Tasha I think your right.


Are you sure your in your late 20's? Because it sounds like your more around the age of 10 like everyone else says GROW UP! I would have done the same thing I would not want to get fired over not carding somebody next time take someone that has manners with you when you go shopping.


You were carded because a walmart employee has to card individuals for age restricted items if they look under the age of "40". Its because its hard to guess the real age of somebody especially if your only in your 20's. Alot of people look older then what they are.


Tasha, Tasha, Tasha. It's always Tasha.

When it comes to letting you know how immature you are,Tasha is spot on. She's kinda like Santa, you know, she knows when you are 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or wait, she usually stops at 9, but she's got you pegged. STOP ACTING SO CHILDISH or Tasha will explain the difference between your actual age and the age you present when you are in the stores running around. She actually can see you, you know.

She doesn't want you to go to the stores and bother the nice people who run the stores. From now on, just go shopping and shut up, or stay home. You simply can't bother Tasha anymore. She is in charge of a child care service that is the largest in the world and she doesn't need any trouble out of you.

Give her a break and act mature, even if you are 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9. Just stop already! Hey Tash, I told her off for you, so you can go out and do something else for a change. Take a break, you've earned it.

Hey I have an idea, go see Simon. He's scheduled for a break too. Maybe you two can take a nice trip and get away from it all.

Think about it, girl. I've got this covered for you.


Personally I take it as a compliment when someone cards me. I know, of course, that they don't actually think I'm under 18 or 21, depending on what I'm purchasing, but I don't see the point in getting bent out of shape just because someone is doing their job.


Boohoo. Go cry more.

They have no choice but to card anyone, especially when the machine is prompted up. They'll believe you, but the machine won't. Besides. They can get into trouble and nobody wants to lose their job, because some customer is crying over an ID check.

I get carded for a rated R movies, I politely give my ID. Simple as that.


hey, you know how even though the legal drinking age is 18 (australia) they still have to card anyone who looks under 25? this is to avoid MASSIVE fines and criminal charges.

same goes with movies rated r and smokes. They can't just take your word for it.


Hey Si, You tell 'em buddy. You tell all these @&&e& how badly they act at Wal-Mart.

Between me and you, these are probably the same people who get their pics taken and put on the internet in outragous getups. (O, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings because you were one of THOSE people). Besides, don't these quacks know how brilliant you are? If they start up on you, just let me know.

NO ONE better make negative comments about you when everyone knows how dedicated you are to this service. What the hail do these people think? You just cruise these sites for your health? NO.

I know you cruise these sites to right the wrongs created by these winey creature.

Hats off to you, Si, for your dedication and committment to your work. Ure the man!


Wow...I hope people write complaints about you when you try to do your job.

Seriously, grow up.


They have to card, or else they get in trouble. I have seen cashiers get yelled at for not carding when the register prompts them to do so.

The store manager of my local walmart is in his early 30's, but looks younger.

Everyone knows he is old enough, yet he gets carded cuz its the law! Grow up!


She was just doing her job. Your acting like a child so I understand why you were carded. The reason your boyfriend hasnt got carded is cause hes 90.