Rocky Mount, Virginia

I purchased 19 items today at Rocky Mount, VA, Walmart, store #2337, OP # 00005523, at 3:59 pm on 11/3/2013. The first 3 items on my receipt were for my Thanksgiving Cards, but when I arrived home they were not in any of my grocery bags.

I called the store and was advised to bring receipt back to store and I could pick out 3 more cards.

If the checkout person would check to see if all bags of the customer they are checking out were either in the cart or all the bags they filled were out of the bag spinner, this might not happen. I don't like to waste gas by returning to the Walmart store.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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The cashier is supposed to check and make sure you have all of your stuff before you leave, but I always check to make sure I have all of my stuff anyway. This particular Walmart in Rocky Mount, VA stinks, though.

Management does not support their employees or their customers. I should know; I have to go in there all the time, unfortunately. They only ever have three registers open even during busy periods, so I wouldn't be blame everything soley on the cashiers because they are under a ton of stress.

I know many cashiers there and they are very nice people. Blame management for making the jobs of the cashiers even harder.


If you checked yourself this would not happen. If you are old enough to shop on your own you are old enough to make sure you have everything.

Grow up and take some responsibility for your action. Remember you are no longer four.

If you can't act your age take someone responsible and mature with you when you shop to baby sit you. Both parties are at fault.


I am a Walmart VP and I can assure you cashiers that it is your job to load every customer's cart.


I can assure you and everyone else on this site that it IS the customers responsibility to retrieve their own purchases once the cashier has rung and bagged their items...Thank You!!


I am the owner of Microsoft and I can assure you that all Microsoft products are designed to orally pleasure their owners.


Some cashiers are good and they put the bags in the cart!! Some cashiers are not good and they are lazy and do not even spin the bags to the customers!!


How about, the customer is lazy and doesn't want to pick up their own bags! Customers act like their entitled for some reason.


Cashier is under no obligation to ensure you take what you pay for. Guess what you forgot a bag, now because of YOUR error you blame someone else.

No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions anymore. It's always someone elses fault.

Yes I've forgotten items, yes it's aggravating, I did not however blame the cashier for my mistake.


It is the cashier's job to put all bags into the customer's cart and make sure they have everything they paid for. The customer is under no obligation to do it.


The whole purpose of the carousel is so the CUSTOMER can easily grab their bags and load them into their cart. It is NOT a requirement for the cashier to load a customers bags however, sometimes they will as a courtesy if they are not too busy. Gotta love people who know so much more about what another persons job responsibilities are suit themselves!


Dumb ***


It's your own *** fault for not looking. If you cared about the cards then you should have grabbed them.

God you people *** and moan about the littlest things. Man up welcome to the real world people aren't going to be nice to you all the time.


No it is not. It is the cashier's job to put all bags into the customer's cart upon checkout. The customer is under no obligation to do it.



It "IS" the customers responsibility to load their own bags. Got it now???


You are absolutely correct!!! The customer is under no obligation to pick up their bags!!

They can just leave them there like the *** they are and then whine when they are missing something.

Even though Wal-mart graciously accepted the customer's account of what happened and agreed to give her the cards. What more does she want?


It is the customers responsibility to make sure they take there stuff .don't be so lazy turn the *** bagging thing .set your *** phone down for 5 seconds .if your to lazy to take your own stuff to bad .