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My husband and I shop at Walmart all the time . Always treated with kindness and helpful.

The casher today was very hateful she did not talk to us at all.

She greeted the customer before us and after us. I think she should treat everyone the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Location: Littleton, Colorado

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That's happened to me before as well. And other times they will look at me and say "You guys have a good day" when it is only me checking out.

Kind of like the time that my friend Michelle and I were walking along the beach in Burlington, Vermont and some nut job that came walking out of the water looked at us and asked "What, no dog today?". Neither one of us had a dog and neither one of us had ever seen him before in our lives. I think that the cashier said "You guys have a good day" as kind of a way of being sarcastic to let me know that even though they were saying to have a good day that they didn't really mean it. I was just glad that they spoke to me at all.

Oftentimes they don't say hello or anything, they just start scanning your groceries and then if they say anything it's something like "five dollars and ninety eight cents is your change" without thanking you or wishing you a good day or anything else. When I see that there are cashiers like that at Wal-Mart, I always make a beeline for the self-checkout machines, even if there is a line at them and no line at the unfriendly cashier.

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