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My daughter went to walmart yesterday 07/19/2012 brought some grociers when got home she found out she didn't have everything. So she went back to Walmart to the cashier who waited on her and my daughter told her that she didn't get everything when she got home.

The cashier told her the lady behing her must of got her stuff. Why wasn't the cashier alert to see that my daughter didn't get her stuff. So, now my daughter was out of money and her things.

I think it is ashame. Walmart is getting ready to lose customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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you daughter is wrong ..

ok so she went to the cashier to see about her items (I keep peoples stuff at my register for a few mins to see if they come back)

if not GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE , you can get your items back .. reshops go there and even if the item isn't there, C.S. WILL allow you to go back into the store and get the item you left behind (just bring your receipt)


seriosly why are you shopping at that *** *** communist product carring store you unamerican SOB. they get substadies from our local gov.

to push out small busness, don't hire *** for employees and make what few they do hire work off the clock (commie ***).

quite frankly you deserve to get ripped off and the cancer from thier gmo filled produce. die you small busness owner hater.


It is the Walmart Cashier is handling the customer's groceries during the check out. It is the Cashier's responsibility to see that the customer has their groceries after they have been bagged.

Walmart is responsible here. If they were not compensated for their lost groceries, they must be idiots.

Or, there is more to the story than what she is telling. Or, the story is a made-up one


is boils down to responsibility. It is your job as a parent to teach your child to remember to walk across the street and too look both ways FIRST. As in the walmart senario is was your daughters own fault SHE forgot what SHE paid for, suck it up and put on your big girl pants.


This happened to me before, more than once. One time I forgot to bring the receipt back to the Walmart store with me the next day, but they still took my word for it, and replaced the merchandise that I was missing.

I was shorted a few grocery items, worth less than $20. If the cashier couldn't handle the situation properly, I'm sure someone from customer service, or a manager would have made good on it.

Perhaps your daughter didn't go about in the right way. Maybe the problem originates with the parent, who can't spell.


This happens all the time at our Wal-Mart and the customers call or come back with receipt and outlines what they forgot and get their items. Most times the cashier remembers them and that they left a bag there.

It is not a problem at our Wal-Mart. Also, if the person behind them did pick up the bag and was a honest person they would return the item, but this is not always the case.


Also he was not bashing home office, he was just bashing your made up husband.


And your husband can be fired for using his position at home office to have the rules broken for him. That has been done before.


You have bashed your home office on here. People get fired all of the time for publicly bashing the company they work for online.

No you are not going to be talked to by your manager for what you have said on here, but I am just warning you there have been people fired for bashing the company they work for online.


"BTW BigBruce, expect one of your managers to be talking to you when you return to work next time." Yeah - I always talk with my fellow managers and my cos and store manager. Whether its about work or pure b.s.

- we talk. MrsLea/MrsC/Brandon - what are you going to predict next?

Maybe you can take a gander as to if I'm going to take a leak today or not.

If you want to impress me, tell everyone here what store number I work at. I'm sure your "husband" can get you that information at the very least :roll .


MsLea, it's your job to take care of your husband and make sure your baby is healthy. oh wait, you're not married because you never spend time with your husband and you weigh 400lbs. and you have no baby because Burger King every day wouldn't be good for a baby.


"Does our daughter still have the reciept? If so, then she is not out her money and her stuff."

They log when someone forgets their items, the date and time, if she can name the exact item and date they will probably give in to this adult who acts like she is still six years old because her mother does.


"BTW BigBruce, expect one of your managers to be talking to you when you return to work next time."

Right your "husband" called up Bruce's manager and demanded he fire Bruce or get fired him self.


Yes BigBruce it is their job. I had a customer service rep at WM confirm that.

BTW BigBruce, expect one of your managers to be talking to you when you return to work next time.


"That is different from a cashier not following the rules and not putting a customer's purchases in their cart." - No you fuсking retаrd -- it is NOT the cashier's job to lift the bags into your cart you lazy piece of shіt. Why do you think the carousel faces the customer?


No I would not side with the daughter in that case. I don't condone shoplifiting of any kind.

That mother is a total unfit mother and the daughter should be removed from the home. That is different from a cashier not following the rules and not putting a customer's purchases in their cart.


She She should have told you that you can go to the service desk and they can look in the log book and see if it was logged in that way you can get the product that your daughter bought


MsLea, shut up and go stuff your face with another whopper. worthless piece of ***


"Sounds like your daughter forgot to get all of her things when she left. You're blaming the wrong person."

I wonder if she is the same mother who blamed Walmart for her daughter's shoplifting because they refused to sell her a video game without ID because the game was rated 17 and over.

I bet Mrslea would side with the daughter for stealing because according to her refusing to allow her to purchase the game is bad customer service. She is probably trying to get the cashier who refused to sell the game to the 14 year old fired.


Her daughter was also careless and unattentive. Then again you expect them to break the rules for you mrslea, and you threaten to have your husband fire them if they don't, just like you re threatening to have Big Bruce fired if he does not agree with you.