Kingman, Arizona

I have called in once before about this before and was told the cashiers would be told not to do this. I personally spoke to the manager and she was upset that it was even happening.

Yet again yesterday...the cashier did the same thing. I was purchasing alcohol and she jokingly said 'are you old enough to buy this?'. And I looked at her and said 'I don't believe unless you are going to ask for an ID that you are allowed to ask this...right? So do you want to see my ID?

She said 'no, she didn't need to see my ID and she was just joking and that no one had told her she was not supposed to say that'. Why in the world would she even say it in the first place? I or anyone of age should be able to purchase alcohol without some sarcasm or smart remark! They are not comedians they are cashiers...right?

I've heard on other occasions someone in front of me purchasing alcohol being asked the same thing in a jokingly manner, and I could tell the person buying was not happy about it! In fact, they said the same thing I did..."why are you asking and do you want to see an ID?" What kind of people are working there anyway?

Management please talk to your cashiers and advise them not to do this!!!!!!! The cashier's number on the receipt is 002955

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Cashiner attitude.

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Well according to your attitude, are you old enough to buy alcohol?


They should ask you for ID. They should card everyone to take the guess work out of it.

You're too anal to take her remark as a compliment? You are a cashier's nightmare!


It's getting to where you can't even talk to people without offending them nowadays.


You must be a blast at parties. It's a harmless joke.

I'm sure if you take the stick out of your butt, your day will improve. Give it a try.


The cashier was clearly giving you a compliment, by saying you looked young. Get over yourself.


You must be a liberal democrat---offended at anything and everything!


Now THAT was an incredibly *** remark.