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I left walmart today on 3/17/16.. and was missing two bottles of wine, which I had to double bag because she did not.........I noticed I did not have the wine..

went right back to see her and she said, No wine.. I have my receipt.................. I called customer service desk, and no package for me reg: the wine. so what happen to the wine,.,

taken or stolen?

would like a feed back asap. I am a GOOD customer but I won't be if things are being stolen.? my e mail is cathyj4500@comcast.net. maybe you should pay attention to your cashiers.

this is not the first time I heard of this. thank you.


Walmart Pros: Great store.

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There are only two possibilities here: either the cashier took it or the person behind you. I am going with the person behind you.

As someone already pointed, camera footage would have verified what happened BUT we are talking about Walmart and they are never willing to be helpful or logical. Eff Walmart and take your business elsewhere.


"The cashier stole my wine". What a crock.

Where exactly do you think she hid it? You left it, the next customer probably grabbed it thinking it was theirs.

Next time, get all your bags. You know what you buy.


She took it to the staff room and they all drank her "whine" without cheese. Then they took the leftover of her "whine" home and had more cheese.


Everything, at every register is filmed...EVERYTHING. Either the person behind you has it, knowing or not, or it gets logged at customer service.

If you want the low prices, you have to deal with *** bags, and also accept that you are on your own at Wal Mart. No one is there to pack for the cashier or load your cart. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on you to make sure you have all your bags. The cashier does their best, but that next customer is already huffing and puffing before you have your receipt and a smile.

I no longer work there, just letting you know an insiders perspective. Trust me, the cashier didn't steal your wine.

Ask for a manager who can view security tape, give them your reciept, and find it that way.


If you are old enough to be buying and drinking wine you are old enough to double check your to make sure you left with everything you bought. Yeah those rolling racks are a nuisance, but taking adult responsibility for your own error is immature.

The cashiers are most likely on a timed basic where they have to check out say a certain number of customers an hour or they probably get fired. They don't have time to babysit. Yeah I have left things behind, but I did the adult thing and went back to get the items after I got home. Now I do the adult thing and turn the rack to make sure I have all my bags.

Perhaps it is time you grow up and start taking responsibility for your actions. If you cannot hire a babysitter to help you with your shopping and problem solved


This happens all the time. A good cashier will rotate the rack holding the plastic bags around at least once to ensure you took all your bags. But, this being WalMart-------------


What is wrong with turning the rack yourself and makeing sure you got everything. It's really not that hard. I do it and I seem to get my things just fine.