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I decided to give this store another try today when I was in Bentonville having lunch with my husband. I thought enough time had gone by since that last incident, plus I needed to pick up a few things and the store was convenient where I was.

Well the store was WORSE than the last time. The store was a total MESS throughout, the staff was rude, and their shelves were almost half empty. My first incident was in produce where they appeared to be fixing the part where they held the green onions I needed to get for a recipe. I asked the guy there if they had any green onions in the back and he said no.

The *** could have at least gone back and looked. Then when I got up to the checkout, the cashier Becky was rude and wouldn't talk to me at all. She gave me this look when she was sacking my stuff like "get over here and pull this stuff off the carousel." Nevermind that it is her job to load my stuff, plus I am noticeably pregnant. The first time she talked to me was when she told me my total(in an annoyed voice).

At the end of the transaction she shut the drawer without giving me my change(I debited for $100 change back). She didn't even apologize, she just waved over one of the CSMs in an annoyed manner. Turned out it was the store manager who came over to unlock her drawer. I flat out told him how rude she had been and he got an attitude right back at me.

He basically just threw my money at me when he got it out.

I told him I was going to tell my husband(who works at the home office)and I have. He will be calling over there tommorow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Wal-Mart employees are low paid and treated like *** because of management like your husband.


I am not low paid. I am very happy with my pay.

I have worked at 2 walmarts and both of them paid well. A lot better than Home Depot and Lowes.


Ugh! from New York, you must not know who MsLea is.

this experience didn't happen. she stretched the truth like she always do. she does not have a husband at Walmart home office and she doesn't have a baby. she popped out a couple of kids but they were taken away by her dad after she kept hitting them and feeding them fast food for dinner every night.

when she got arrested at Walmart, that's when her kids got sent to the father. MsLea forgot that night but she remembers seeing a Home Office employee named Bernie visiting the store so she thinks that man is her husband.


You can see how poorly ran Wal-mart is by just reading the OP.


wow this wman HAAS an attitute problem lol i wouldnt give u ur change back either for slowing down the line...


MsLea, you're crazy. plain and simple.

you're also fake, not married or pregnant. no man would want a psycho as a wife and no child would want you as their mother. not with the way you treat people. who cares if they were out of stock?

get over it. he probably didn't look because you were probably like the 20th person that asked and he might have already checked more than a few times. so rather than wasting both of your time looking for something that isn't there, he told you that they were out of stock. as for the cashier, you don't like talking to people anyway so why would you want her to talk to you?

and she made a mistake, mistakes happen.

but oh wait, this story is fake. so Becky is probably made up.


Oh, now the person has the option of claiming the same location on here as well as stealing their username.


I am going to go ahead and guess that WalMart isn't going to do anything because clearly, you have an attitude problem. No matter how bad the service is, when you the customer act like an *** and are rude, you are likely going to get that treatment right back.

They are going to make fun of you when you leave, that's the only thing you have just guaranteed. Just a tip. I don't like WalMart much either but it is what it is - cheap merchandise = low wages = poor customer service. And nobody deserves to be abused while they are at work so you are the one who is out of line, not them.

If your hubby is such a "big-wig" then why are you here complaining anyway? Can't he fix everything for you?


I also gave that boy in produce a piece of my mind for refusing to look in the back for green onions. Even though he assured me that they were sold out, I told him he was flat out lazy for not looking harder.

I made sure I let Becky know how ridiculous she looked with her goofy earrings and loose fitting shirt. Walmart has no standards as to how their employees should look. I told Becky name times she looked like a clown with her baggy shirt, pants, and makeup.

Once that CSM came over, he told me that Becky was deaf and could not hear me. My question is why would Wal-Mart hire a deaf person to work as a cashier? If you can't here the customer, you need to find another job.

My husband is a big wig at Walmart's home office who will make sure everyone who made my shopping trip to store 100 will be severely disciplined.


You have got to be kidding everyone lady. I can tell by reading your complaints that you were being an obnoxious *** to the employees. Grow up and quit trying to be so high and mighty. Those employees have to put up with a lot of *** from people like you and your poor attitudes.

If your husband is so high and mighty (which I seriously doubt!) then you would not be trying to play yourself up on a page like this.

Get a life!


Those poor employees - having to deal with an *** like you. '*** about a deaf person is about as low as one can get.